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Cup Holder Improvement On Console.



I have the center console on my Av, and recently rode in a GMC Yukon XL. I noticed that the front cup holders were installed rotated 180 degrees on the GMC, and this position is much more user friendly. The main benefit is you can put your handled mug into the holder without spinning the cup around first. It's also much easier to get your drink into the cup holder, since it's not directly adjacent to the storage compartment. I think Chevy robbed the concept, and figured they would make it look different than GMC. Well, they made a bad choice of orientation.

To fix it, just put your fingernails (or slip a 1/4" flatblade 'hooked' screwdriver) under the front lip of the cupholder insert. Pull directly up, and it will 'pop' out. Spin it around 180 degrees, and 'pop' it back into position. Whala, now your cupholder is installed for easy mug insertion while driving. Let me know if you all agree!
Now that is the type of MOD I like - quick, easy and free ;D

Thanks Bjwerti
In the 2002 Avalanche brochure the cup holder is shown in both positions - one way in some pictures the other way in other pictures.

Put it the way you like it. (y)
Less chance now to spill my coffee mug on my leather seats.

This mod rules; I feel almost as good as the day I put ambers in my DRL's.
Now try to get your CD's out of the storage bay with your mug in place. That's why they are back near the storage box, to give the door room to open. But... as a previous post suggested, place it they way it works best for you.
Anyone care to write an article on this (pros *and* cons) for the next magazine issue? ;D ;D ;D
I thought that everyone had already figured this one out a long time ago or I would have posted about it. Darn...missed a chance to post a good one... :6:
I did this first week I got mine, not only for coffee cups but I like the slot closer to the storage bid because I put my wallet in it when I drive so I don't sit on my wallet. The dealers showed me it popped up to clean it when I was complaining about the silverado's cup holder and spills...
Mine must be glued in...it does not want to budge!
Just pull it up.
It unsnaps like Tupperware..
Seems like a good spot to hide valueables or stuff. :love: :B:
Yeah, guy, there's a big space under there. Trying to think what I can put there.
I can still flip the door to the CD cubby even with a mug there. Even if the mug is at the rear location you still have to move the mug to take out a CD.

Personally I like it. Not only does this topic deserve an article, I think an online debate is in order.. :eek:
I had no clue that the cup holder pops out. I just switched it around. Now when someone say's "Change for a dollar" I will just change that around.

As for the space underneath, I wonder if a .380 will fit. ;)
XRover said:
As for the space underneath, I wonder if a .380 will fit. ;)
Shouldn't be a problem, X. I have determined that an S&W Centennial in a Kramer pocket slide fits with room to spare ;D
I will have to search the net, I bet someone has a mod for the cup holder (repalce - not turn around) ..... I never use the CD holder for CD's.. doesn't hold enough :(

Instead that is where I keep the gum supply for the GF :D - don't ask
Blueruck said:
I will have to search the net, I bet someone has a mod for the cup holder (repalce - not turn around).
GM does, but I doubt that the hot/cold cup holder is what you mean. :)
Sten said:
But can you get it out quickly if you need to?
Fast enough provided there isn't two cups of hot coffee in the cup holders! It would not be the most discrete access but much better than nothing at all.
Yes, you can fit better than a .380 under there. ?

Can anyone guess what this red-lighted button on my console cup holder does? ? >:D

Clue: ?this is the first of four that I am putting in ... very convenient for my hand to reach while cruising and able to switch by touch too because of the raised red light

Gosh, thats a hard one, let me take a guess, the NEONS ;D

BTW, It is awesome to watch an AV vibrate when Pete turns up the volume :cool:
If it's not for the neons then it must be for strobes.
clean pic goo, I 'd need an hour to pry the pennies out of between the consols. Is the cup holder dish washer safe? ;)