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Current nav disc info


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Aug 23, 2005
I have an 05 TNR #  15230099.  My disc is several years old.  Can anyone tell me the current map disc number so I'll know if I'm buying the right one?  Thanks. 
I have checked that website and they require your VIN.  My Chevy truck VIN isn't going to "compute" with the website since NAV wasn't even an option for these trucks.  My current disc is version 4.1.
They all use the same one as long as it a Delphi ,which yours is, from 03 - 06
It's version 5.0 I believe I'll go look at mine there is suppose to be a newer version coming out but have not seen it yet for sale

Part No.        Description Region                              Cost    In Stock
15906573  GM NAV DVD 15906573  North America  $199.00  Yes 
You can also get the current version on the Delphi web sight now. They have labeled it Version 2 but it is the same disk with a Delphi logo instead of the GM logo. I think it sells for $177 on that web site. The Gm disk 15906573 is labeled Version 1 on? the label of the disk but the file on the disk a file called "version.txt" calls it version 5. Talk about confusion? :E:

The only diffirence in the 4.1 (last one before current) and the current one is street and IPO updates. It is my understanding that a new version will be out in 90 days. I do have a spare 15906573 GM disk? if interested PM or email me. btmartin@att.net

Thanks for your input.  I ended up getting the Delphi 2/GM 5.0 disc.  Works great.
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You can go to www.gmnavdisc.com or call the toll-free number at 1-877-NAV-DISC (1-877-628-3472), 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. (y)
From What I read at GMNavdisc and delphi site no there is not a european version.
Anyone know if the correct vehicle make logo (e.g., Chevy, GMC, Cadillac) will appear on the nav screen at bootup if the Delphi nav disc version is used instead of the Chevy or GMC one?  Just curious because I notice on Ebay that there are a ton of Delphi-branded 5.0 discs up for auction, but hardly any--if at all--of the Chevy/GMC-branded 5.0 versions (aka p/n 15906573)...
Toneman- The start up logo is not dependent on the disk.  I still get my "Bowtie" even after upgrading to the Delphi disk.
4Fielders said:
Toneman- The start up logo is not dependent on the disk.  I still get my "Bowtie" even after upgrading to the Delphi disk.
4Fielders--thanks...that's all I needed to hear!