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Custom Fabed Pre-Runner


Full Member
Sep 19, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
Here are some pictures of my finally finished prerunner. Cost me $0.00. I like it!!!




looks great.. especially seeing as how its free!

Now lift it!
Wow, Looking around this site today at ideas for a bumper or a grill guard and I run across this truck. I test drove this truck about 2 months ago at a dealer in Tacoma, WA. Great looking truck had everything I wanted in it. I did like the custom pre runner. In fast that is what gave me this idea of doing something like that to my truck. Here is the link to the sale of the truck. I have used that dealer on 2 other purchases both of them were/are great cars. I would have bought that one but it was about $2000 more, and had a few more miles on it then the one I settled on.

Yea it was blue with a body lift and 20's I think 02 but they had the sticker in the window 03 If i recall right. I liked the bumper and I actually found pic of it on here or the other site.
Infact the picture at the top of this thread is the same truck I test drove and almost bought. I know its sold now but I aint seen it since.