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Damaged/Broken UPD Intake Hood



Has anyone experienced damage (breaking) to the plastic UPD Hood which covers the filter box?

Recently when looking under the hood, I noticed a crack in the smoked UPD hood where it connects to the stock sensor.

I'd like to check with others first before contacting UPD. I've had this less than a year.

I can take a digital photo if anyone is interested?


Time to see if the warranty for the UPD is worth more than the paper its written on. Get your monies worth - its a piece of plastic - very simple device - its should not do this.

I have a UPD and it appears not to have any cracks nor production flaws. Installed it late November not problem. Did not even have to mod the fan cover.

Hey good luck!
My UPD hasn't cracked - but my Service Engine light comes on about once a month since I have installed the UPD :mad:
I thought it was a b-otch to get it on the TB. 10 min install turned into at least 45min-1hour. I was concerned about the plastic intake tube cracking when I was attaching it to the TB. It made some unsettling noises, but no damage so far. Sounds good though.

You will be happy to know that Sales UPD just advised me they will be sending me a new replacement hood for my damaged UPD.

All they asked for (until now) are some photographs to confirm the damage.

This being the case, UPD Stands Behind Their Product!

Good News for All!!




If anyone needs photos of the damage, just let me know directly (mreade@frsi.ca) and I can email you the photos.
Everyone should know that I received my replacement smoked UPD hood.

Too darn cold to make the change now. Spring is right around the corner. I'll wait until then.

Happy Aving!