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Dare To Compare


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Mar 13, 2002
Long Island, New York
I would love to see the Specs of the Avy, Hummer 1 and Hummer 2 side by side. I was shocked upon recently learning how little horse power the Hummer 1 actually has. I know the Hummer 1 has better ground clearance and a few other details that make it an awsome off road vehicle (i.e Distance between front wheel and front bumber is next to nothing). I know the Hummer looks original and has a huge asthetic appeal to off road enthusiests but when Price versus Functionality is compared, is the Hummer still the better truck?
I'm sure they both are great compared to the one's we used in the Corps....what pieces of garbage!! Seems like motor T....was always fixing those things.. :(
Try following a Hummer I through the swamp - you will discover HP only counts when the engine still runs ;D
The Hummer has the geared axle and even weight distribution going for it. The AV has looks. :) Eitherone sucks offroading here in the Northwest with all the trees you have to negotiate. Now, if I could make the AV shrink on command to the size of a Jeep CJ or TJ...

In any case, I'll keep the non-Arnold AV.