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Dash Dimmer Indicator Glow?


SM 2003
Full Member
Dec 30, 2002
On the 2003 Av, do the indicators above/below the Dash Lights Dimmer wheel glow like the headlight indicators? Mine do not. Wondering if I have a dash light out. It is 1 day old. I am referring to the "light bulb" symbol above the wheel and the other symbol below the wheel.
Just noticed the same thing on my 2003 av. Did any one ever reply to your questionb on this?
I've taking mine apart, and found that there is NO mounting or circuit for a LED to luminate the symbols.....

This could be another MOD... I have other priorities right now, so I have not added some LEDs and tapped into the circuit that feeds the other side
LEDs... But it is annoying that it is not luminated......

What did they save $.25 ??