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Dash Rattle



:mad: The last few days have finally been around zero and what do I get???? A LOUD rattle in the left front of the dash!! :mad:

Have any of those brave enough to install Jason's audio kit (nice message Chief) seen anything that might be the likely loose component? I just know if the dealer's involved it'll turn into the "can't simulate noise" deal. I'd believe them if they check it above freezing, temps jumped to 40 on the way home and wala!..no noise.

Help :eek:

PACKFAN (in the almost balmy Great Lakes area)
A serious suggestion. When you're hearing the rattle do a drive by at your dealer and get someone to hop in. I did that once with an intermittent problem I was having with the temp display in my Montana. The display went south as I was driving and I pulled in to the first Pontiac dealer I saw, left it running and had them come out to see. They documented the issue and I set up an appointment to get it fixed (slick eehhh).

Gads I hate dealing with rattles. When I bought my Montana it had the darnest rattle and NO ONE could figure out where it was coming from. The dealer took it, ripped all the seats out (removable) and had two guys with it going down the road trying to find the noise. Turned out to be coming from the roof rack!
Rattles can be hard to find...Buy a stethoscope and have passenger use it while it occurs to help isolate where the noise is coming from.

Or turn up the radio LOL
I had to turn the radio down to figure out what was so loud ;) I'll try the ride along while it's making noise idea... it's worked for me in the past too. It's warm now so it'll take awhile; posts will follow. Thanks.

Still interested in any comments from those that have had the dash off. I'm sure it's in the far left (drivers corner) just above the 4WD buttons.
I have that dash rattle too! Does it sound like it is coming from the left dash vent area? I've noticed that it only happens when it is cold also. If I drive to work with the heater on defrost, the noise is there almost the whole way, but if I put it on the dash vents it goes away within minutes. It seem to me that it has something to do with the vent hose expanding and contracting due to temperature change. I think you can reach up in there if you pull the fuse panel cover off, to see if anything is loose. I am going to investigate it further when I pull the dash apart to put in one of thoose steering wheel kits!
I have something similar. I notice it if it's cold outside and I'm going slow like coming to a stop light or driving through a parking lot. I would call it a rattle, mine almost sounds like one of the vent doors is opening and closing. I usually have the temperature controls set to auto.
For what it is worth I remember seeing a TSB concerning the heat on the passenger side - it had to do with something not lining up - can't find the post.
on defroster???? hmmmmmmmmm.

Maybe something got dropped in there at factory like a tortila chip since they are made in mexico....Just a joke.

But seriously maybe something is in the vent itself.

turn the air off completely and see if the noise goes away when you hear it.
Maybe the air filter didn't get put in at the factory. Then it would be possible that a dried up leaf or other debris is in their rattling away...

Just an idea...
I have the same noise problem and it seems to be cold related here as well. Both in my 2500 Avalanche and the JUNK 1500 Avalanche I had before make the noise. I can push the dash in the left corner and usually stops the sound. Sounds like another major problem that Chevrolet needs to get on and TELL their customers. :mad:
I am experiencing a rattle that sounds like it is coming from the little speaker (?) or whatever that thing is in the roof directly above the drivers seat. When I place hand over it, it muffles the rattle. Has anyone else had this? Is it the sunroof rattle common among AVs and just sounding thru the speaker? It seems to only happen at low speeds or idle.

Thanks..this is a great AV site for info.
Another one to ponder. It am hearing a noise that sounds like it is coming from the center of the dash. It almost sounds like water bubbling (kind of). Rode in the passenger side with someone else driving and didnt notice it???? And no, I am was not smoking anything at the time. :cool:
wolverine said:
I am experiencing a rattle that sounds like it is coming from the little speaker (?) or whatever that thing is in the roof directly above the drivers seat. ?When I place hand over it, it muffles the rattle. ?Has anyone else had this? ?Is it the sunroof rattle common among AVs and just sounding thru the speaker? ? It seems to only happen at low speeds or idle.
First, a point of clarification. That little round grille in the headliner directly above the driver's head is a temperature sensor for the automatic climate control. It contains a small fan to draw air in and across the sensor. Some have experienced a chirping noise coming from that fan, but that doesn't sound like your problem, as your's appears to vary with engine or vehicle speed.

It could be a sunroof rattle, and your placing a hand over the gille moves the headliner enough to stifle the rattle. I suppose it could also be something loose in the mounting of the sensor or inside the sensor itself. This looseness could be responding to vibrations from the vehicle and engine and causing the rattle.

You can try a couple of different things: try temporarily placing a piece of heavy tape, like duct tape, over the sensor grill. This should isolate the sensor without affecting the sunroof. If that stops or muffles the rattle, it could be the sensor. But don't leave the tape in place, as it will throw off the auto climate control.

Also, try pressing gently up on the headliner in various places other than the sensor. If that stops the rattle, then it is more likely something with the sun roof, a loose headliner, or maybe some wiring between the headliner and roof.

I'm sorry I can't give you a defnite answer, but at least this may help you narrow it down.

-- SS