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Denali Console Conversion


SM 2007
SM 2005
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Oct 4, 2002
Houston, Texas
I'm giving serious thought about installing the Denali center console. Pendlum has done this with his Silverado and it looks great. I've seen it, his Silverado looks like it was born with it.

Half-Breed got me hooked on his Escalade in-dash changer install. I now have a Escalade Bose head unit and changer in transit now. So why not swap out the console :0:...

I've been reading posts about the wiring for the trip computer ???, the h/u and changer is a no-brainer. I'm not concerned about rear audio controls. I would prefer keeping the a/c vents if the the ducts can be used with the Denali console. It looks like the end caps of the consoles will swap. Anyone know?

I've been putting feelers out locally for the console and dash trim. Pendlum is local and just so happens to have one already dyed to the correct color.

Right now this is in the planning stage, any input is appreciated.

WW :cool: