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Dent In Rear Seat Back


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SM 2003
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Mar 7, 2002
Milwaukie, Oregon
My rear passenger-side seat back is becoming severely dented. Apparently, it heavily contacts the plastic removable jack cover when the rear seat is folded down (and probably under load).

The problem does not appear to be happening on the driver's side.

Is my AV unusual or do others have the same problem?

Thanks, Steve
I just went to check mine and no denting is occurring. ?My seats and midgate are folded down 3 nights a week for cruising but with no heavy load. ?The shape of the jack cover is shaped to handle the seat down config. ?Are loading heavy in that area or is the jack cover not connected properly?

goo, I wondered if the plastic jack cover was mis-mounted too. ?Checked it about a dozen times and it looks like it is exactly attached as it should be.

The load is not particularly heavy. ?We just returned from a short holiday and the area in question was loaded with my female Scottie dog in her crate. ?Might put Cassie-dog on a diet. ?;D

I have a feeling that the leather takes a "set" while cloth might not.

Am I alone in this problem?

Steve, something is amiss. This past week I carried 4 used Railroad Ties, stacked 2 deep, that were 8 feet long, on the passenger side, with the seatback/midgate down. Just went out and checked the seatback-it is "marred" slightly, but no dent. Those ties go 180+pounds EACH-much heavier than your dog! Now my Samoyed...

Steve in Maine
I noticed that my rear seats(when folded down) would have indentations too. I thought this was typical so I try not to leave my rear seats folded for prolonged lenghts of time. If not everybody is experiencing this then maybe I need to bring my truck in for a lil seat-tuning.