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DIC - Standard Trans Temp Sender???



Just finished putting the first 500 miles on my 2003 Z66 Av. Planning to Tow the new 21 foot travel trailer 700 miles this coming weekend. I will be attempting to follow the Owners manual recommendations RE not towing over 50 mph for the first 500 miles of towing. (I hope the other drivers out there cut me some slack!)

My vehicle has the trailering package, but I do not see any Aux transmission cooler, so I assume the radiator is sufficently oversized. My question is if anyone can confirm that Av's with out factory Transmission temp guages in fact still have transmission temeperature senders which I guess would be wired into the PCM, which then would send a high temp message to the DIC. The owners manual calls out this feature in the DIC, but I dont want to take any chances. I recognize that it would be prudent to install an aux cooler and temperature guage, but time does not allow before the trip. Appreciate any suggestions and verification of the standard trans DIC functions from those who tow with the Av.
Automatic Transmission temperature is being monitored. However the 1500 series do not have this guage in the IP cluster.... Having said that if you have a few bucks to spend, then you can upgrade the IP cluster to a Denali, Escalade or Silverado SS clusters. These all have the Automatic Transmission temperature guage built in and will function immediately..... about 15 mins to swap out!
JPCustoms.com is just one site that sells the IP clusters... What you do with the mileage and hours transfer is up to you...as there are a few option to do there.
If you only plan on do periodic towing and not push it, then the standard cooling system showed be sufficient, otherwise have an additional cooler install and an additive to improve the ATF properties...