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Did We Talk You Into Buying An Avalanche?


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I'm interested in hearing from folks who visited this site considering a purchase of an Avalanche and then took the plunge. What part if any did this site play in your buying decision. Did questions you asked and then answers you got play directly into your decision - or - did we talk you into it? Love to hear...
I would have to say that the posts on this forum had an influence in my decision to buy last week. Normally a forum for a specific vehicle shows both the good and the bad about that vehicle. But I haven't heard much badmouthing of the Av by its owners. Actually it is quite the opposite. People keep talking about how great it is!
This forum has been EXTREMELY useful in obtaining the information about the Avalanche I was searching for. I was riding the fence between a F-150 SuperCrew, 1500HD CrewCab and a 1500 Avalanche.

What scared me most about the AV was the midgate. I was concerned with it being new and largely untested. I could just envision a bevy of squeaks, rattles and other "unsound" emissions from the midgate that I am sure would bring out my suicidal tendencies.

What I found here was very surprising? One of the areas of the AV that gets the least press out here? is the midgate, at least as far as problems go. So needless to say I have been pleasantly surprised with all that has been said.

Now the real highlight!!! After lurking in many forums, reading about things like steering wheel controls, FIPKs, Exhaust Mods, Denali Clusters? I am very excited about some of the performance and aesthetic mods that are being performed. You guys are a wealth of info!!!!

Now the REALLY Sad part. After reading about some of the pitfalls in the whole Chevy Lineup (Not just the AV)? and finding that there are many cool changes for 2003 that address some of these issues. I am going to wait for an 2003 AV.

Meanwhile? I am going to continue to LURK out here, picking up as much info about my future truck as possible!!!

Thanks to all who Contribute to make this site Great!

Currently in a 99 EB Expedition (Waiting for the lease to expire in June!!!)
I was trying to decide between a Tahoe/Yukon, Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra and maybe even a Trailblazer...my sales guy showed me the Avalanche and I liked it...we started the new car dance!
I found this site through the Corvetteforum...All I can say is WOW!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
I had some new car fears...lotsa questions, needed a lil group love...you know...THIS PLACE ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS, ALLAYED ALL MY FEARS...and told me to get some hookers for the group love >:D...kidding bout that of course...this place made me feel right away, part of the group!
I WILL SAY THIS CLUB WAS THE TIP IN FOR MY AVALANCHE PURCHASE and made me feel better about the price I had negotiated...I wish I had found you earlier but everything turned out GREAT!!!
THANKS!!! :B: (y) ;D :cool:
Hey Chief,

The fine members here have convinced me that without a doubt I will be buying an Av. I have just a couple more financial "goals" to meet so that my purchase is a semi-responsible one (read: the wife/CFO says OK).

Sorry this doesn't answer your questions exactly as I haven't yet purchased, but this site has been a 99% factor in the decision I've made. I'll give GM the other 1% credit for engineering probably the most useful vehicle ever known to man. I'll likely know too much when I am ready for purchase, if that's possible.

When contemplating the purchase of my Av, I searched the web for Chevy Avalanche and ran across this club.

:love:There cannot be more infomation consolidated into one place about the Chevy Avalanche than I found here. :love:

This has been a great forum, not only to assist in the buy, but to find out how to take care of the investement and, oh yes, how to customize it.

I truly appreciate ?;) all of your efforts in putting this together. :B: :B:

Simply OUTSTANDING (y) (y) (y)

AvZee :B:
The answer is Yes!! CAFCNA clinched BOTH my making the purchase and going with an '02 over waiting for the second model yr of this new idea. I've been "following" the AV since I saw a pic in Popular Science of all places. It's the perfect idea for us, having both truck (towing) and SUV (people hauling) needs. This site knew more about the '03 than any dealer did, or at least let on. I used it allot for research, putting myself in the shoes of an AV owner, then looking at forums re mods and problems, questions, etc... Liked what I read, and feel this is one of the best put together, maintained sites for a common interest out there. It's just terrific. :cool:And so is my new AV! (y)
And my check for a decal is in the mail today, Dave!
it was a toss up between the av and a hd1500 crew cab. I went with the av based on valuable information I received on this web site.
HI Guys,

I'm a newbie here so be patient if I do something dumb with this reply.

Just thought I'ld let you know that I picked up my "02 Z-71 on Saturday 6/29 and YES this website did put me over the edge as far as buying my new AV. I've been racking my brains on this purchase for a couple of months now ??? and from what you guys and gals seem to think, the AV is a great truck and it will suit my needs well. ;)

Thanks for thr great info and now all I havce to do is get my Zaino order together and get this turkey sparkling!!!! ;D
This is the best site of any kind that I have ever seen and I would be delighted to be able to help.

I haven't purchased yet but I have the cash and will definitely be purchasing a 2002 or ordering a 2003 Avalanche when I get the 2003 prices.

This site has contributed to about 80% of what I am basing my decision on. This site has convinced me to buy the following:

Avalanche 2500
4:10 gears
No roof rack
Wait for 2003 to minimize leaks
Power retracting camper mirrors

The site did not influence my desission on the following:
Green, Blue or Red
4 x 4
Cloth Bench

Thanks again Chief

This site was certainly a significant influence in my decision to buy an AV. I had been wanting to replace our minivan and a small truck that we had as a third vehicle with the AV. I was concerned about the ride of the AV versus the minivan, leaking from the midgate, durability of the cladding, and general build quality. The last issue was major since we as a family had bought mostly imports due to bad experiences with GM.

I found this site about 2 weeks before I bought and spent countless hours reviewing posts, resolutions, and general information. Armed with this I did buy (about a month ago).

What made me decide to purchase was the knowledge that I had this community to turn to with questions, problems, or other issues. I have not been disappointed.

It was also kinda cool going into a dealership armed with more information than the salesman ;).
This site, without a doubt, sealed the deal on the Avalanche for me.

I knew I wanted a quad cab pick-up of some kind. I initially leaned toward the Dodge Dakota, but quickly realized it did not tow enough. When I explored full size crew cabs I was checking the F-150 line, and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD.

As I did my research (lots of it), I came across comments on the Avalanche, found this site, and lived here for a while reading almost everything posted in the Avalanche Zone (General Discussion Section), and everything posted in the Owner's Zone under maintenance, problems, towing & hauling, etc.

I learned a lot about the AV and wanted one. I bought my AV on 6/27/02 and am really enjoying it. I probably would not have an Avalanche right now if it wasn't for this site. All the information helped me tremendously.
When I first thought about buying an Av, I thought that maybe I had lost my mind. I needed a reality check to make sure I wasn't crazy for buying such a new-fangled truck. I lived on this website for about a month before I decided to buy one. I got great real-life info out of the owners that contribute to the site. In the four months I've owned the Av, I continue to marvel at the vehicle and find new ways to utilize its many talents, thanks in part to all the website contributors.

And over the last four months I've been able to get so much info on various aspects of the Av. I even learned how to hook up my trailer brake controller, saving myself a lot of money in the process!! Now I check in at least a half hour a day to keep up with everything Av related.
yes and no, I was already going to get an Avalanche, so my mind was already made up. However, it did hook me up with AJ, who then hooked me up with Richard Aldahan, who got me the deal on my truck.
I wish that this site had been around before I'd purchased - purchased in December, found the site in early February. The research that I did would have been a lot easier; and the concern about buying a first model year vehicle would have been a lot less if I'd had this site to lean on!

This site's got to be the best source of concentrated information on the Chevy Av anywhere!
I also have to say yes and no. My mind was made up that I wanted an Avalanche and this site solidified that thougt even more. With the resources you can find here and the friendly people that buy most of the Avalanches how can you pass one up.
I?ll let you decide;

Couple days ago , after loggin at least twice daily to the Club, I made my mind up and drove to my dealer, told him:

?Gotta have me an AVALANCHE right now TODAY!!?

?Looks at me and says - Isnt that your Onyx Black Z71
you bought 2 weeks ago parked outside?You kiddin me?

? ?-Bad case of CAFCNA overdose!!!!

The Doctor will see you now!, Oops ...gone-
Absolutely! The discussions on possible defects helped me critique the specific vehicle I was interested in. No roof rack rust and most importantly, no leaks. I chose to visit the dealer after a 3 inch downpour and noticed the SOM I was interested in was parked facing downhill. After a thorough inspection for leaks, I make the purchase.

This Forum also gives me a sense of security in dealing with maintenance issues going forward because it provides so many facts on Chevy problem reports and solutions I can use to help the service mechanic solve any upcoming issues. This great sight brought me back to Chevy land from the land of the Ford.

Thanks you very very much. :cool:
It's funny that two days after making my Av purchase, I found this website (and have been addicted ever since). I still am not sure why I didn't come across this site before buying, since I was constantly looking online for REVIEWS...

Guess we need to work on the search engine placement. When I search on google for "Avalanche 2002", CAFC isn't in at least the first 10 pages :-[ (if you add "club", it comes in second! But when you think about those that are trying to decide on buying, they are probably NOT thinking about car clubs...they are looking for the reviews...

My wife and I struggled with the decision to buy the Av for 3 months...Almost took the fun out of it :6:.

This site would have convinced us to buy much earlier...

Since our purchase, two of my wife's co-workers have become serious about buying, and of course, I piped up with a cheesy plug about this site....both are now proud owners (not sure if they are members yet, but I'll keep at them) (y)
Boy, this is a thread from way back when . . . . but I missed it that time around!

Site didn't exist in Dec 2001 . . . so it didn't influence my purchase . . . my wife and I were sold on the Av since learning about the concept Av way back when . . .

There's sure a wealth of info here - I'd have gone into buying a bit more informed had the site existed.
I had the hots for an AV since they were introduced, but until the zero % financing it was a no go. I threw "Avalanche" up on Google and this site came up in the top 3. The more I read the more psyched I got. I took delivery of my '02 Red Z71 yesterday, and today my oldest son and myself drove 70 miles one way to Howell Township, NJ where I laid down $110.00 on Zaimo brothers finest. The whole way back my kid broke my chops about buying this unheard of ( to him ) carcare system ( since he owns an '01 Tahoe he knows much more than me about cars and life.....lol ), but after 2 coats of Z2, he's looking to pirate my stash and use it himself. "You heard about this stuff at that Avalanche site, didn't you?..............You Bet!

I was leaning pretty heavily toward the Avalanche before finding this website. It made me sure I wanted one though. Been checking it out every day since also.
No doubt about it. This site has been the main influence on my decision to buy an avalanche. In the running were the GMC Denali and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. With all the good information and advice I've gotten here has been the main motivator towards getting my new av.

Placed an order Friday and should know the availability in the next week or so.