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Ding King? Worth The Money?


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Sep 23, 2002
Atlanta, Georgia (Alpharetta)
Well it finially happened? ?I have a smal ding dent on the door! ?I heard of this thing call a Ding King removal unit? ?Has anyone tried one? ?I mean for 22 dollars on e-bay it sure is not much! ?The question is does it work??

If the ding is not very big you might try the dry ice method of dent removal mentioned in a previous thread. It would save you the money.

If on the other hand you decide to go for the dent king, let us know what you think.
this dent king..have they been putting this product up as infomercials?...I was just jumpin around the channels and I seen this guy put this device with suction cups on the body of a red car or truck and then suck this huge dent out...I'm not sure if your referring to the same thing.... :B:
Look around town for paintless dent repair shops...they will go inside and tap dent out and well they do good work....if reputable...
I already purchassed it for 20.00 off ebay! I hoping by the end of the week it should be here. I check with a body shop and how about 350 to 400 to repair it! I guy using the same tool wants 125 dollars to do it! It does not look like it is going to be a hard thing.
a friend of mine got one from our base exchange for $25 to $30. he used it on his vehicle to pop out a couple of dents. he explained it takes some practice to use. there is a possibility that the dent can be pulled out too much if an excess of the glue supplied with the kit is used.
he says the best thing to do is apply a very small amount of glue, attach the puller, attempt to pull out dent, and remove puller. if you need to pull dent out more then add a little more glue.
if the dent is pulled out too much you have to pop it back in. he recommends trying this on an old vehicle until you get all the bugs worked out of your method. :B:
So what's the verdict? Did you get the dent out or what. The worst you can do is have to take it to the body shop anyway, may as well give it a shot.
dmacker said:
So what's the verdict? Did you get the dent out or what. The worst you can do is have to take it to the body shop anyway, may as well give it a shot.

Well I just got it tonight so this morning when I get up I will give it a try! I thought I was going to have more then one ding to pull, since we had some hail last night here! Better then the Tornado that we almost had though!! The fun of living in the south! The Av though is one tough beast! No new dents!!

Well for the 20.00 that I spent on this thing, it has gotten the dent out to about 98.5% There is still a little indent, but still brought it out! I wish my digital camera was working to show you all. The other thing is it is only about 53 degrees here! I would like to try it when it is about 70 degrees, because I think the bond might just finsh the dent out! All in all I happy with it, just have to see if I can get the 1.5% out latter when it warms up!