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Do-it Yourself Painting


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Feb 14, 2002
Castro Valley NoCal
Just finished painting the intake cover. ?Of course it has to match the truck or contrast it. ?I'm going to go with yellow for the wire looms. ?Whatta think ;D :eek: :cool:

Very nice indeed !! I want to paint mine. What paint did you use and does it come in the color like Indigo Blue?

Also, how did you manage to keep the silver lettering.
I just used some simple Krylon spray paint, no runs, no drips, no errors.
I couldn't find any masking tape to I just used simple old stotch tape and an exacto knife. The hardest part is trimming around the letters. But as long as it's on nice and tight or whatever, just make sure the edges are all covered. I put on three coats. Nice and thin. Just put a cotten ball in the hole where the bolt is, make sure to tuck it down so it's even. You have to go at it at a lot of different angles because of all the turns and humps. Just put the paint on thin and remember that the lighter the color the more coats you need.
:eek: VERY :eek: nice!!!

funny, me and my uncle were just talking about this particular topic.

i was thinking of body matching as well, and was wondering about the letters myself.

thanks for the info. a must MOD to be done very soon. i'll make sure to post, too!!!
Yeah Chevy I had a 99 and did mine in electric blue for my Charcoal Metallic sliverado. It really catches your eye when you open the hood.
spork_av said:
That is usally one fo the first mods that I do. ?Here is what I did to my ?bug. ?I am putting it out as just a link, so as not to upset the "only AV posts allowed" people.

C'mon I wasn't worried about it and mine's an AVY w/o the sail and cladding... ;D

That looks awesome, sweet paint job. Did you do it yourslef?
yeah, I did it myself. I have been getting very handy with the spray paint these last couple of years... next thing you know, I will be caught taggin some building somewhere... ;D
The plastic engine covers stay well below the heat tolerances for most paints. If you are worried about the heat, just buy the high heat paint that is design to paint engines, brake calipers etc... High heat paint can be found in just aobut any store that has an automotive section.
This mod is awesome and appears to be simple, just a little time... qustion for you all, what if you av is black???
Would painting it a shinier black and put a clear coat make a difference....
Do you need to sand it any to get it smooth or just clean real good with thinner or something like that... i am no paint shop specialist.?????????
Thanks for your opinion.. ?:)
Zeeya, just pick another color you think might look good maybe blue, yellow, green , red, or orange. The only prep I did after taping it off was to wipe it all down with alcohol and then start spraying it with regular old Krylon.
Let it dry for 1/2 hour and lay down another coat for a total of 3.
Looks really good chevylover! ?:)

This ain't the best quality picture, but mine's been painted for a while too. ?I used either Plasi-Kote or Dupli-Color paint (can't remember which one) that I got at Advance Auto Parts. ?And the best thing was, it came in the same color code as my truck, Victory Red (although it looks like it has a pink-ish tint to it in the pic, it matches really well). ?I highlighted the "VORTEC's" with a Testor's model car paint pen that I got at Wal-Mart. ?(The other red highlighted stuff under the hood was also done with a paint pen), and pin stripped the ribs on top with some silver 1/8th inch wide pin stripping. ?The Chevrolet script that is on the front, I found in the garage where my brother used to live. ?It used t be used as a body shop, and I found quite a few emblems there.


I also painted my Bowtie the same color and the chrome inserts in the grill black.
When my FIPK gets in I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Gonna try and find some nice bright yellow paint, nothing neon. I need to find a paint booth, get kinda high doing it in the garage. The wife doesn't car for the way it stinks up the house either. The one good thing is that if it ever gets scratched up, just take it off, sand it a little and throw another coat on it.
So I just painted my cover deep metallic green to match the truck. I, of course, have little runs and dribblets on the sides. Why? 'Cause I'm an impatient putz who tosses out too much paint in too little time.

Must ... complete ... job ... quickly ... ! I always sucked at toy models when I was a kid. Alas, I remain mostly hobby-less. ;D

Anyway, I'm assuming that once it dries all crispy-fresh, I can sand down the dribblets and re-apply another coat?

I think I may pull off the electrical lid and maybe surrounding box as well. If I remember right, the whole outer assembly isn't connected to anything, it's just a shroud. Might look nice painted also. Well ... not if I do it, but you know what I mean.
ya, just sand it down and apply another coat, lightly this time. :) Might take two light coats to match the rest of the paint job completely.
Thanks for all the helpful posts. heres a pic of mine. (its not a very good one, sorry)

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
link did not work. i will have a link to the painted engine cover for the avy. i painted it black. this might give the guys who have blach trucks some ideas. Alex

Bypass the 3 cups of coffee first.
I am the same way. I will only work on my AV when I know have plenty of time and nothing planned for that day.
Does anyone know if "touch up" paint that you buy from the dealer would work on this? I have a pewter truck and want it to match but just want to make sure that I use the right paint. Thanks!