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Dodge Ram Commercial


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Jun 18, 2002
Lodi, CA
I just saw a commercial for Dodge Ram trucks and I have a question about it. As I remember, the jist of the commercial was that Dodge Ram is the only full-size truck with four full-size doors and a full-size bed.

My question is, doesn't my (very full-size) Av have four full-size doors and a full-size bed (assuming the mid-gate is down)? I even went outside and took a look at it to make sure I wasn't wrong. ;)

Anyway, shouldn't someone from the Chevrolet legal department be contacting the folks from Dodge to get them to change that commercial? I know there are a few of you out there that work for GM/Chevrolet so I'm just asking. (y)
Reminds me of the argument, who has the best selling truck in America.. Depends on "WHO'S COUNTING".
Where as with this one just depends on what they call a full size truck? I'll match mine up with a dodge or ford crew cab, i know they can't hang red light to red light . From experience >:D
Right! Dodge would say our Avs are not "traditional full size trucks" to which I would reply..."I agree wholeheartedly!!!"
We have an Av...there are cars, trucks, SUVs and the like and the Avalanche!!!
We blaze the trail for others to TRY and follow! Izzit an SUV (it's based on the Suburban)...izzit a truck...it has a cab and bed (sort of but ours are connected)
We are unique! Revell in our uniqueness!!! :B:
Dodge...haaaa, Ford...fugedaboutit...Toyowhat???...Silverado/Sierra...great work trucks...Avalanche...the best of all worlds
Well I remember earlier this summer that Ford was running an Explorer ad saying it was the only vehicle in it's class with seating for seven - they were even highlighting the Trailblazer in the ad! Saw that ad about twice and it dissapeared.

D'oh! :2: