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Jun 23, 2002
Nashville, TN
I am sure someone has figured this one out already so I thought I would ask the group.

I have two dogs and a TNF AV and don't necessarily want them on the leather seats tearing them up. When you flip the seats down (midgate still up) it does not create a nice level surface for the dogs to hang out on. On top of that the back of the seats have that hard plastic and the mold doesnt fit anything on the midgate so I am confused on this design. (In ALL Chevy and GMC Crew cabs the rear seats flip down to a flush, carpeted area. I run events for GM Regional clients at outdoor and equestrian events and this feature is HUGE.) Also the seat hardware is exposed and sharp. I moved up to my AV from a 1992 Toyota 4Runner. The back seats were always down creating that flat carpeted area.

Anyone got solutions to this?

ps also I have thought about spray coating the back of the seats for traction and maybe the taligate. the older dog slides on the taligate when jumping in. anyone sprayed their AV yet. Thanks everyone. :cool:
That is something that has always bothered me too. I don't see why the midgate, when folded down, couldn't have been made to have some kind of level surface, even if there was a little step or bump or something.

Also, with the midgate up, the folded rear seats should have some kind of useful surface on them. I've been thinking about making another surface out of plywood or something strong to lay over the folded rear seats with a light carpeting that would match the interior. Also, with the seats folded, you have all of the metal and hinges and gaps behind the seats exposed, which is not very pet friendly.

I was hoping there would be some kind of aftermarket product for this but haven't seen anything yet...

If you guys find any good way to do this, let me know! I think a chunk of heavy carpet thrown over the down position seat backs (midgate up) would probably do for my dog, but he has some balance issues (lol) and tends to just lie down when the vehicle is in motion.
A few months ago I had my buddies do in the back seat area with the seats folded down. We had to throw a blanket in so she wouldn't slide around.

It was not the best option, but the dog did OK.

If I had to do this a lot, I would look into making a fitted cloth to go over the plastic.

Just my 2 cents
I would really like to see a wire mesh wall that can be erected between the bed and the back seat when the midgate is down. Like those old Volvo wagons use to have between the back seats and the cargo areas. Possibly even another one that could replace the number one panel over the bed. I'd really prefer to keep Fido in the bed while being able to get some air to him. :0:
OK I did think of this. I could put the midgate down and put up an airgate in place of the midgate using the front tie downs. That way my dogs would have an area to hang out. A couple of issues....that area is plastic again and I would have to coat it (which I am going to do anyway) and the area isn't level. I assume this slope is tied into the water management system. Or I could just drop the midgate leave panels on and let them go. But I would still just like to fold the seats down and go.

While running the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoor Festival for Chevy Trucks we had at least 75 -100 hunters come over and look at the AV with the idea of hauling their dogs in the bed. Some were going to use existing kennels while others were going to have kennels made. All were going to use the multple tie downs for lashing down. Air flow was a concern for the dogs. Again some were going to switch out tailgates for vented tailgates like gooseneck haulers use, others wanted the airgate and they were split and how many panels to take off.

Anyway that is my 10 cents. Isn'tthat the great thing about the AV. The more people see it the more usesand mods they come up with.

I take my dog, a Yellow Lab, all over the place and she loves it back there. She fills the windows with nose smears but that is a small price to pay. I take her two ways. One is with the midgate down. What I did to stop her from looking like she was ice skating by every time I turned, I cut a piece of berber carpet left over from the house that is as wide as the midgate is tall. I think it was 30" or so. Also, I cut it so it overhung the edges of the midgate out the doors by a foot and a half on each side. This "wrap around" technique I use works wonderful and she just loses her balance only slightly cause she isn't paying attention to the road, just what is laying on the side of it I think!! :) The second way I take her is with just the seats down and I put a big cardboard box pretty much custom cut to fit and to cover that hellacious gap in the back of the seats. You could also use 1/4" ply covered with astro turf or something or even a wardrobe box which is heavier cardboard. She never ventures to the back six inches of the cab so she never has a problem with falling through or messing it up. When not in use, the carpet and cardboard are in the bed and I use those as a convenient place to slide stuff in to the bed since that rubber mat has some spider man juice/web mixed in. How do they make it stick so good? I guess this is a whole dollars worth of info. I will take some pics of the carpet and cardboard and how I set it up and post them if you like. Hope this helps.
I must say, this is the only area in which I'm disappointed with the Avalanche. I have some old pillows and an old, large comforter that I lay down when I have the seats folded away with the dogs in the back seat (which is all the time). It is probably not the best solution, but it works when you're in a hurry.
When I take the dogs, I pull Panel 1 out and tie the dogs to the forward tiedowns. That gives them enough room to wander back and forth to the sunny, slightly-wind-blown front of the bed, or back to the shady, secluded back of the bed, under Panels 2 and 3. They enjoy peeking out through the sail, while we're moving, then being able to hide when we're stopped. The only problem with that is the nose prints on the rear glass.

I have been trying to keep them out of the back seat, just because I didn't like the Lab's hair blowing around the cabin for the week after he took the ride. The twelve-year-old Weim needs a boost to get in the back (OK, I have to pick her up to put her in, then she insists I pick her up to get her out again. Not that she's spoiled).

I'm still looking for that individual who will come up with the quick-release for the mid-gate so it will come out and allow the 60% back seat to be set back up. That way I won't have to choose who gets to ride inside, the kids or the dogs.

I am going to solve this problem of having the seats down (midgate up) and creating a usable area like all the other crew cab designs in GM's Fleet. I spoke with the Brand Team and they said I am not the first person to suggest this.

I also agree with kps. I want a midgate designed that could fold down 60 or 40 like the back seats or 100%. then I can decide. Would be nice to have a split midgate and drop one seat when carrying something like 2x4s.

Did everyone hear....the second generation midgate has been designe with a power sliding window. And the first truck to get it......the AV...no..The Cadillac EXT...no the 2004 GMC Envoy XUV. 55K for a Cadillac EXT, they have been screaming for power window and aren't set to get it....yet.
snowlep said:
While running the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoor Festival for Chevy Trucks we had at least 75 -100 hunters come over and look at the AV with the idea of hauling their dogs in the bed.

It's funny you mention this. I bought my AV that Friday, and had a group of 10 people in the parking lot at the DU festival wanting to see it "change". They said the truck inside the festival was too crowded and they did not get to see the "change" ;D.
hey, i wonder if that 2nd gen midgate, the power one will be able to be modded into our vehicles? that would be absolutely awesome. can you guys imagin a midgate with a power sliding AND retracting rear glass, and then a power midgate fold, like on those new Ford Expeditions?

Oh my mind is racing now mod mod mod <inter species mod yet!>
Jaasssonnnn?! :p
On a serious note...

Anybody look into just purchasing a replacement bed liner, and cutting it fit the tailgate, and then the left over, cut long, for the back of the seat? I'm thinking you cut long to fit to the bottom of the inside of the midgate, because it's flexible, it probably won't tear, and it already matches the texture and "graphic tread pattern" of the rest of this vehicle, it feels stiff enough even to fill that horrid gap fairly adequately.

I have no idea what it would cost or if it would work, but it's probably worth a try. Heck I think I'll try it. If it's not to expensive. I'll let you all know what I find out.
I would be more interested in a split folding midgate than a power midgate.

More to the point of this thread - - we bought a "pappasan" (spelling?) chair cushion for the back of a Jeep CJ7 with the rear seat removed. This worked out well for a pair of Newfoundlands. OR you could get an actual dog bed from Cabellas or any of the 100's of other stores.
avalanchecrazy - you are right aboutthe Avalanche being swamped at the DU Festival. At the 4 wheel drive village, the 2500 AV did over 200 test drives in 3 days. Almost ran of of gas twice. The only thing people wanted to see more than some change was more aggressive wheels on the 3/4 ton. At the main Chevy display we did do some changing. I lost count how many times I demo-ed the change. People also kept asking me about mine next to the booth because I had a 24foot tag a long trailer hooked to it. Sorry we missed you there. Should have hired you to work our booth.

pdxkevin said what I was originally thinking. Find an e0xisting dog bed (Cabella's, Orvis, Frontgate) and just throw it in the back. The challenge how to keep it from sliding and that darn 6" gap exposing the seat hardware. I have a friend who owns horses and sews alot for herself and her horses. She has taken measurements and is going to try to make a bed using foam, egg crate whatever she thinks best. And create a filler to go into the gap. She will sew velcro into the cover. Now the question is do we attach velcro to the hard plastic on the back of the seat or cover the back of the seat permanently, as others have suggested, with carpet? I like the carpet idea.

I will let you know how successful this is.

Thanks to everyone for picking up on this topic. I think Ed Schoener, Avalanche Brand Manager, should have someone on his staff monitor this site everyday. No one knows these Avalanches better us. We live with them everyday. We should invite Ed in as a moderator or do a live chat with him sometime. From what people tell me he is as passionate about the AV as we are.

Have a UUV day everyone.
I have a German Shepherd and I use the Av. to transport him all over. I purchased a back seat cover that Chevy makes for the Av. I fold down the rear seats, and then fold down the Midgate. When I first put the cover on the midgate, the cover slid all over on the plactic of the midgate. It was like he was surfing. I solved this by buying the rubber no slip pad that you use on throw rugs, or for shelf liner. It was sold in rolls that were like 3'x20'. I cut it to fit and put that between the midgate and the cover. The dog doesn't slide on the cover anymore, and the bed has the rubber mat so no problem there. He can go into the bed area, or hang in the cab with us. It works well.
Baron138 - There is a cover that goes over the midgate? In addition to the cover that goes over the the folded down seat? Where can I take a look at and buy this piece.
Phantomfloater - nice cover bed from Cabellas. I wonder how it would fit the seat when it is in the folded down position. thanks for the info. BTW I saw your AV Mods and like what you did ... quick questions:

Which Pioneer sys did you get and do you have a problem with the screen clearing the gear shift?

Your visor monitor...where, when, how, much....vizualogic has a replacement visor with a monitor built in that I like.

And your 11 inch set up....is it a self contained unit...details if you please.....

You can email if you prefer as this may not be the thread to talk about that...THANKS
Snowlep, Thanks, see this thread it should answer your questions.

Show And Tell

I do have the be in gear, or move the shifter back by hand to get the screen to clear.

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