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Dome Light Won't Come On.....


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Apr 11, 2002
Boston, Massachusetts
when any of my doors are open besides the driver's side. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? Chevrolet customer service, OnStar and my dealership has no idea how to fix it. I've looked at the obvious dome light switch, but it does not make sense that nothing but the driver side flicks on the light. Do I have to reset some thing? HELP PLEASE!!!! Small things like this drive me nuts!!!! :8: Thank you in advance.
Are you talking about the dome light switch on the ceiling panel or the dome light override switch on the dash?
If I understand you correctly: The dome light (not the individual map lights) only comes on when the drivers door is opened. The other doors have no effect the dome light.

If that is the case, I would look at the wiring. I doubt you would have 3 pressure buttons go bad all together.

It doesn't sound like the dome override button with only one of four doors working the dome light vs no door working the dome light.

Sounds like an open in the wiring after the wiring for the three non-working doors meet.

Is a recent problem and they worked fine previously?
Whoops, I misread the problem. Never mind...
The fact is no lights come one, the dome light, floor lights or the door lights. They only come one when I open the driver's door. They worked fine until last week. My dealer will have to look at it further I guess. Thank you for trying to help.
The entry lamps may be manually turned off by placing the interior lamp switch in the OFF position. When the dome lamp defeat switch in the ON position, the entry lamps will be disabled.

It's strange the dealer isn't able to diagnose this issue. Have them check Document ID # 646133 ("Courtesy Lamps Inoperative") in their PC-based service manual. This document looks like it goes through all the step-by-step troubleshooting they're supposed to do.
Or better yet, see if your state has a lemon law. In Michigan, I think its 3 times for the same problem or the manufacture must replace or buy back the vehicle.

So you could take it in a few times, keep your records, and then take it back in the last time, say before your warrenty is up, and work out a deal for a new vehicle. (Am I evil or what!!)(insert evil laugh here)