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Dome Overide



I found out today that the dome overide button turns the daylight driving lights off and at night you can turn your headlights off by pushing the button 3-4 times and then manualy turn your headlights on
I think it also controls how the doors lock too.......I forget but remember it is in the Owners Manual somewhere.
That was the first thing my salesman showed me. Apparently, some folks must not like the DRL thing. Diesn't bother me either way but now that they're amber, they look good!

In fact, I took it to the dealer to have them remove a "dealer installed scratch". I had the amber DRLs at the time and all the guys in the service bay were looking at them. That and the Flag bowtie generated a few questions. I didn't have any brochures with me, but mentioned this website.

I believe it is written in the manual on how to disable the DRLs.

I guess I'm among those who do not like the DRL's. I've always thought that that was GM's way of idiot-proofing vehicles.

You may also be able to disable the DRL's pernamently by removing that troublesome fuse in the fuse box. The fuse is only for the DRL feature.
The door locks are changed with the use of the turn signal stem. This is one feature I love. Being able to choose which way I want it or not have it at all.
There are certain places where you have to have your lights off. That's why I like the over-ride switch. Usually Military installations.
Don't like your DRL's ???

:0: ?Try pulling the bulbs. ?A simple but effective solution. ?Or... ?Hook the bulbs up to 18 V or so and then reinstall the burned out bulbs.. ?Voila! ? :B:
shafman1 said:
There are certain places where you have to have your lights off. ?That's why I like the over-ride switch. ?Usually Military installations.

Ya when I'm on base it's kind of a ritual. Have to remember to park with the parking brake on - that way the autolamp is disabled when I start up. Then I push the button until I hear the ping - and then release the brake, and then set it to the running lamps. Wish it was just a switch like in my wife's Thunderbird...
Actually Chief all you need to do is press the Dome override 4 times within 6 seconds or something like that. You don't need to go through the parking brake ritual...

This disables the whole auto headlamp system AND the DRLs.
The dome light thing only works until you turn off the car, next time you start-up you need to override again. I agree that it would be nice to be able to program like the door locks...or be part of the headlight switch with an "auto" position (like my wife's '00 Windstar).