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Dome Override Questions


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Feb 21, 2002
Greeley, CO
My first reaction on seeing the 'dome override' button was 'why?' I've never had such a feature on a vehicle, and didn't know that I needed it! So far I've never used it.

A couple of questions:

1. From the owners manual, when pushing the the dome override button multiple times to disable the automatic headlight system it also turns off the DRL's. It would seem that there is no way to keep the DRL's and disable the auto headlights. Is my understanding correct?

2. The manual says push the button 4 times in 6 seconds - and a chime will sound. On mine, the chime sounds after pressing the button TWO times - at which time it will disable the auto-headlights. TWO more presses reverts to the auto mode. Is mine unusual or is the manual incorrect?

3. Is this button used for any other purposes other than it's 'dome override' function, and as a means to disable auto-headlights and DRL's?

Now for the real reason that I'm asking these questions. I'd like to convert the 'dome override' button into an 'auto-headlight override' switch. Another thread discussed a wire under the dash that can be disconnected to turn off the auto-headlight system. Seems as if I could run this wire through the dome override button switch and get what I wanted. I'd simply disconnect other wires connected to the switch, and hopefully leave the dome light always functional and the DRL's on all the time.

Comments appreciated - I sure wish I could get a service manual / wiring diagram for my truck, but HELM has been out of them for a while.
If you've ever had a sleeping baby in the back seat, you'd understand and love the fact that there is a dome override switch!