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Door Locked By Itself

Change For A Dollar

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Aug 8, 2002
Nitro, WV
I went out this morning and started my AV to let the windshield defrost. I only unlocked the drivers side. Started it up, turned on defroster, set parking brake to turn off headlights and went in the house. About 10 minutes later, I went out and the door was locked. Had to get my wifes set of keys to get in. I have let it warm up before and this never happened, but this is the first time that I set the parking brake. I saw a post somewhere that this happened to someone else and he thought he inadvertently hit the door lock. I know that I didn't. Is there an interlock somewhere that I don't know about or was thsi just a freak thing. At any rate....BEWARE
Thats odd. There is a failsafe built in so if the engine is started and the drive door is open you cant power lock the drive side. It will lock if you hit the button but unlock right away. Wonder if you don't have a short somewhere??
Wow....I know this is a old post but I was playing with search and came across this and had to tell my story quick...

I just bought my truck in Florida...drove it up to Lake Superior to do some sledding. It was like 20 below zero so I went out and started the truck to let it warm up while I took a shower. I came out and it was locked up and running. Wow...good thing I had On-Star... and a phone.

On-Star said that I could take it into the dealer and have them deactivate that safety function.?. Safety.. Not sure I get that one?

Oh well...all went well.

Locked mine for a few hours because of this.  However mine was due to the new alarm system.  Still working to get it resolved.  Start the car, lock-unlock-lock is what I get.

In the meantime, I make sure the driver door is open.