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Down The Interstate


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Jan 18, 2002
Martinez, CA
So I'm driving down Interstate 680 in San Ramon, CA in the number 2 lane and I notice that there's a Cherokee in the HOV lane keeping right w/me 75MPH. So I look over and the passenger is holding up a dollar bill. I read his lips "Change?". So I roll down my window, at 75 MPH, and hold out my arm, but he shakes his head and says, "change first". :mad: They laugh, I laugh, they speed away! ;D
Ok, "sped away" isn't really accurate. There was a slower car in front of me so they had a clear lane in front of them and they sort of slowly pulled away as I had to slowed down ;)

(I apologize for the "w* 75MPH"at the end of the first sentence. It should have read "with me at 75MPH" I didn't preview before I posted :-[ )