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Drawtite T-Connector 18384 - Possible Problem


Full Member
Dec 2, 2002
Toledo, Ohio
I have had the splitter on my truck for my line-of-fire about 2 weeks now and last night I noticed that the light on the drivers side of the line-of-fire was on. it was on at about 40% strength .... I was like what the :8: .... played around with the lights and door locks and turn signals and brake lights ... nothing would change it :7:....

So I unplugged the connector and plug the original harness back in .... then BAM! ... the light was off on the line-of-fire :eek:.... ok, now what? I ask.

Plug the t-connector back in the the light comes on again :6:.... ok, now I think I have a short in the t-connector . :6:... stop to pick up a pizza last night and the light was off ... :)

Get home and light is stuck on again .. :7:.. come out to my truck this morning and light is still on . :cry:.. get to work ... you got it still on! .... :cry:

Taking the partback to the seller after work today ..... see if I can get a replacement ..... :rolleyes:

just want to pass this information on to anyone that may have purchased the part .....

Anybody have any other ideas I might try before taking the part back and trying for a replacement? ???

Go for the replacement first off...then if there if a problem with your LOF, JP Customs will stand behind that too. For LOF problems, contact www.altecproducts.com (snatched that bit of info from the LOF problem thread).

Thanks for the head-up on the T-connector problem, we have our LOF installed with one, as I am sure many other members do, and will keep our eyes peeled.

Good luck, keep us posted!



yea, I figure the LOF is not the problem ... I've had that for about 2 month now with no other problems ....

Will let you know what happens ....