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Drive-By Tagging In Old Bridge, NJ


SM 2003
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Sep 1, 2002
Central New Jersey
I beeped at someone in a Green Z71 at a traffic light on Rt. 516 in Old Bridge, NJ and gave them a brochure. They were kinda startled!

I was heading to piscataway and saw a few Av's. Jersey and NY have more quite a few Av's now we need to get them to join the club
Hey i work in oldbridge ,right off englishtown road. ;D
A.J. said:
Huh? ?I beg your pardon... ?Dirty Jers? ?


Yea you know New Jersey, New Jeru, Dirty Jers.
Just different "Knick names" or what not.
eweiss said:
I live in Phila and commute to Edison everyday! Old bridge is two exits down from me.

That's a hell of a commute.