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Driving the White Rim Trail in Utah...tips, suggestions?


Full Member
Apr 27, 2005
Sherman Oaks, CA
This is my first "major" off-road exercise in the Av, I've previously only done a few miles here and there.  Anything I need to know?  It's still got the stock rubber on it with maybe 35% tread left.  

Any tips, tricks, suggestions, or required equipment I should have?

In my limited experience the shocks don't really like crawling all that much but I'm not sure what the best upgrade should be.  The trail isn't too challenging so I'm not all that worried.

It's a bone-stock 2010 Z71.  Silver, if that matters :p 


New Member
Mar 31, 2013
Ventura Ca.
From what I remember from taking that trail back in September of 91 it was dusty but easy road to drive . I had a Honda 110 on the front of my landcruiser and never put it into low range. If you do come to anything that you feel uncomfortable driving through don,t hesitate to put your truck into low . I think it's more important to find a friend with 4x4 experience and go somewhere local to get some practice in. Going on a vacation and hitting the trail without a clue isn,t the smartest idea. If nothing else I,m sure you could talk to someone else that you meet on the trail and ask them if you could follow them for awhile until you get used to the different types of terrains that you will have to deal with. You,ll probably in counter stream crossings some rocky areas and soft sand and when driving through sandy washes you will want to keep your speed up a bit and when you come to really rough areas you will slow it way down and you will want to know how deep that stream crossing is before you commit to crossing it, just because the road leads you to a water crossing take the time to look for the best way across and try to resist the temptation of going though the water real fast because you might find yourself stopped in the middle of the crossing or alittle ways past it.if water get to your spark plugs or air intake your going to have problems. There's a list of things you should have with you when you go on a off road adventure like you have planned. I,ll have to get back to on that one because it very late and may e it would be better that you post your list and I,ll see if I would add to it? I,ll be back soon to see what you have posted . Steve