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DRL's Got Me In Trouble


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Aug 14, 2002
I've had my AV for about 10 months, but only found this website about 1 week ago. I've wanted to do some mods on mine but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The reason I found the website was I bought a billet grill and a short antenna off ebay. The guy that sold the antenna had a picture of ahhyeah's AV in the ad and I saw the web address. After reading some of the mods I figured I better do the DRL's. (BTW they look very cool). I went to the local parts store to get the bulbs with no problem. I left the store (this is where the problems started. Their driveway is right on the road so I had to back out. I cut the Av real tight so I wouldn't go on the road. I had my eyes on the road and somehow missed the telephone pole behind me. CRUNCH! :8: Right into the passenger side of the bumper about 2 inches left of the taillight. It bent my bumper pretty good :cry: but didn't crack the cladding :). I put a come along on it and heated the bumper from the inside and straightened it out. There is a very small kink there that you would never notice if you weren't looking for it. So my easy $4.00 mod turned into a whole afternoon of woking on my AV. Oh well, better than buying a whole new bumper and cutting into my mod fund.
Next mod: Backup warning system. ;D

Sorry to hear about your "misadventures" :8:, the DRLs are supposed to be a CHEAP mod!

Do a search on backup warning or camera systems, there's been quite some discussion on the topic! ;)

-- SS
let me guess, the pole was to the side truck... a backup warning system wouldn't have caught that one.

My sisters driveway has a street sign right at the end of it. I lose sight of it every time I back out. I am always afraid of having it scrape alongside my truck. I should just run it over one of these days, to get it out of the way ;D