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DRL's On Grand Prix


Full Member
Jun 9, 2002
Dallas (North) TX
I realize this has nothing to do with the AV, but given the wealth of knowledge at this site, maybe someone will have the answer:

I have the need to "disable" the Daytime Running Lights on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix at work. Can't do anything permanent as it is a lease vehicle. I know if the emergency brake is clicked one latch down, the DRL's are overridden. But we don't like the idea of driving around like that. The local dealer doesn't know, and I've tried all the usual tricks (dome light override 4 times, finding a fuse to pull, etc.) Any ideas?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Not a bad idea, but I may not have identified them correctly. I believe they are the headlamp bulbs, and they are on during the daytime too.