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Dropped Midgate Today, And Ripped Out The Bed Drai



well, when i went to lower midgate, at the front of the bed there is a spring loaded hinge panel, over the bed drain, and it stuck to the midgate and ripped right out!!!!

i always noticed 5 or 6 little rubber pads, on the spring loaded hinge plate, and they would kinda stick to the midgate and when i dropped the mid, i could hear a grichheddiitt noise,

this time, i guess, cause i have not dropped the mid in about 2 months gridiccedit,,pop and the panel that is screwed down to the tailgate floor ripped right out!!!!

i see some black tape over the rubber pads and maybe from the florida heat, it stuck real good!!

anyhow you avrs should study the hinge panel, and as you look, the piece to the rear is made out of some....cheese whiz fiberglass, so drop the gate slow, and look at the rubber squares, with the tape on them.

my mission was to armour all the whole bed, midgate
seal bed rubber, and everything rubber in the back, to slick it all up, and maybe i waited too long.

and i wonder if anybody else has had this rip out,.... and i wonder, next week when i go to the dealer if they will give me one under warranty, with 30,000 on the odometer, and i wonder if not warranty, how many bucks, the cheese whiz fiberglass panel costs?????

so another piece of av history is reported here,

and my bed, mid, seals, and all rubber back there are slick, now, after ?messing around back there today!!!

just no floor panel at the front of the bed, only the busted off pieces of the fiberglass panel, and 5 or 6 oval rubber spacers!
I know what you mean. That tape seems to work the backing free and want to stick to the midgate. Maybe if we armorall the midgate in that area, the tape would have less of a chance of sticking. After all, the midgate area it sticks to is free to see with the midgate down. Just a spray or two and then close the midgate back.

Just an idea.

shapeshifter yep thats the area i was talking about, i just did not know to look up the"joint, flap"

that name sounds like you could get busted by the narco cops, if they heard you talking about it.
now i actually do, have a, BUSTED JOINT FLAP!!!

gonna see what chevy says, this is a weak part of the av midgate idea, in my opinion!!
Hey got_change! Sorry to hear about your problem. Ya know, if you just take out the midgate and store it in your house like I told you I do when I was down to visit ya, you wouldn't have that problem! 4 nuts and it's in your hand. No leaks either. I had to do it to hear the sub and still have the back seats up. Any way, I'd recommend Silicone Spray. I use it on about everything and things aren't going to stick when they're coated. I've even used it on the engine to help keep it clean and between the windshield and dash. That gets rid of that 'cracking' noise in the winter time when it's below zero and you hit a bump. Of course, you don't need that down in FLA!. That flap is made pretty cheap. Unless you have to replace it, then I bet 'cheap' won't come to mind.

Thanks again for the back sail window covers. They've been on for a while now and really look good. I put pics on my PictureTrail account (links below),
well hey kr00g thanks for the post!!!

yaeh, ive been too busy, and left midgate up for way too long, and it stuck.

i always used armour all in there,, and i guess it dried out!!!

glad to hear you are running the got change ,sail windows in your truck, I had all those sets made, to pass on a nice quickie cheapy mod to everybody i could.

the club has been a good thing, like you coming by for a short visit when you live 1500 miles from here!

keep thet av all slicked up, and stop by again, if you are in the nieghborhood

takaez kr00g
I also found my midgate hinge broken.  I repaired with JB weld as was said in the other thread.  I also replaced the foam pads.  My wife had the idea of coating the pads with fingernail polish.  I thought why not try it?  We bought black polish to match the area and applied several coats to the pads.  To my surprise, the coating stayed flexible and felt soft, but was very slick feeling. I think it may actually work very well!  I will post more about it after a couple months use!!