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Nov 14, 2006
Not sure if this is the best place but, I have a horrible dust problem in my 03' AV.  I noticed that I get a lot of dust in the cab when driving on dirt roads so I started looking for the problem and noticed on both sides of the the back seats up top there is a lot of dust like its coming in at each corner from the bed.  The bed also is just full of dust.  Any way to seal it up better or replace something.  I noticed that when I shut the midgate it seems like it should be tighter.  After it latches I can push in on it about 3/16".  Should it be tighter? :help:
Yes... tighter on midgate...

drop tailgate then close midgate..

midgate has double latch mechanism like side doors.. and sounds like your is not catching second latch... which does not compress seals enough all the way around..

To help prevent dust...

look in bed.. at 4 corners where the bed drains are and check the flapper thingy...

if still there and you drive on dusty roads... I suggest cutting some sponges up and putting on top of flappers..

lets water out and prevents dust in...

good luck

be careful not to get the tailgate too tight... they have a tendency to fall when driving? :eek:

It'll scary the willys out of you!
Not just the willeys either... 
Good luck let us know how it works out for you