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E&G Classic Mesh Grille? (Updated Pics!)


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Mar 5, 2007
Anyone have this grille?? (07-1157-0102-07 Part number from Automotive Concepts).? Of course, I don't have pics...just wondering on quality and ease of install.? Any help is appreciated.? Thanks!
The grille is for a 2007 Avalanche. I like that grille. 2 pieces, sounds like it has bolts that go through the factory grille and attach with plates and nuts on the inside.



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I just installed this grill last night.  My first impressions:  Nicely made, but the mesh grille has to be "double-sided taped" to the frame part, and they only give it for the lower since it's bigger.  I thought for $190, it would at least have tape for the upper.  I installed it with no problems.  There is just a little rattle on the upper due to no tape, but otherwise a great product.  I will post pics as soon as I can get around to it.  I love the look (almost like the Cadillac CTS-V).
Here's a few pics of the new grill installed:


I bought mine at automotiveconcepts.com, they have quite a few to chose from. 
Regalace said:
Here's a few pics of the new grill installed:



I like the grill - don't like the wide boarder/frame around the mesh.  With this and the OEM frame it just looks too wide to me.  I have been trying to find one without it but no luck so far.

I like the look of the mesh in the Cadillac V series grills.  I am even tempted to try black with my silver birch.

2nd question - How do you post more than 2 pictures at once without editing the post or is this reserved for older members, etc.
I kinda agree with your opinion, but in person, the extra border sure shines in the light and adds the extra punch from a distance.  Anywho, I'm not an expert at posting pics, but all I did was hit the "image" button and pasted the address of the pic between them (ex.:  img/address/img), then I did it again on the next pic.  Maybe someone else has a better explanation, but I have only been a member for short time, so I don't think it's a membership thing.  Hope this helps!
I really enjoy the unique look of the grille and tow hook covers. I get comments all the time.  Kind of a pain to install but well worth it.


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That's nice, it stands out!  (y) up on the matching tow hook covers, too.