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Easy Access Locks



Mine got broken into yesterday. Stole my purse but nothing else. I could not believe how easy it was for them to pop the lock. There is hardly any damage so it was hard to notice at first. But it was super easy for them to use a screwdriver. Now I have to take my baby in... Ugh!!
I feel for you... have no respect for people who vandalize and steal other people's property. Could you please tell me which doorlock/tailgate lock it was? I wonder if there is an aftermarket door lock which is harder to "pop"?
That Stinks!

Where do you live?

Might be time to add the after market Security as well. I just had the dealer keep the Loctronics on mine and paid the 100 bucks, but even that won't signal the doors being jimmyed. Only the ignition is protected.

My last car was a BMW, they had a system that deadbolted the doors when they were locked. Wish the american car makers could take a hint from them. With the BMW even a locksmith would have a really hard time getting in (known from exp.)
It's a sad state of affairs that nice vehicles seem to be targets for vandalism, theft, etc. - can make one paranoid about driving to certain places in anything 'visable'.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. An enhanced security system is probably your best bet, but even this won't stop the damage from break in attempts or random vandals.
I learned a powerful lesson about car alarms back in 1989. My Ford Probe was armed to the teeth with what was then a state of the art Viper system. Glass sensor, shock sensor, motion sensor, radar field sensor, battery back up, siren to wake the dead. And this is back in the day that a car alarm going off got peoples attention.

Well - despite all of that, despite parking in a well lit area, keeping valuables secure, flashing red LED's, everything - my Probe was stolen.

It was recovered with almost $10K in damage - in 1989 dollars!

Bottom line is it doesn't matter how secure your vehicle is - if they want it, they'll get in and they will steal it. Cops were confident mine was a professional hit to fulfill a "parts" order. Only reason any of it was recovered is I pulled into the parking lot on fumes. The bad guys got barely a mile away and it ran out of gas on them. Worst part of all - the bastards used my own tools, including a floor jack I had in the back to strip out my car! :8:
Sorry to hear that too. That happened to me once (not the AV though). They went out for a joy ride and parked it about 15 slots down from where I originally parked it.

I felt violated and angry! :8:
B-Tine, very sorry to hear of your loss. Thankfully you weren't in the vehicle when this happened. The AV can be repaired or replaced, you can't. Glad you're okay. I understand how you must feel. My home was broken into about 7 years ago. Took many personal items. Like RoarinRow, I felt violated, then angry. Anyway, hope everything turns out fine for you. Is there anything we can do to protect our AVs?
My grandfather made a comments once about locks and security that I will never forget.

"Locks only keep honest people honest."

If someone really wants what's behind the lock/alarm they will take it. That's what insurance is for unfortunately.