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Educating The Dealership


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Oct 29, 2002
NE Ohio
This group prepared me well. I went to pick up my 2003 AV2500 today & I was telling them about the group. When we got finished with the demonstration & I showed the sales guy how to do the midgate correctly & the other flood of info. I gave them, one of the "higher ups" says, " You got any information of that club?" I passed out several brochures to them all.
WVBubba said:
Traz tags her first ones on the day she picks up her beast...way to go Traz ;D

Amazingly before ever even driving the beast off the lot. :eek:

I stopped by a dealer this afternoon to see if they had a 2003 NFE, which they didn't. Started talking to the salesman about the 2003's vs 2002's, and the upcoming WBH. Among the misinformation, he claimed the WBH to be identical to the cladded Avs, minus the plastic. He insisted that all the sheetmetal was identical. Oh well. ???
Amazingly enough the dealership where I bought my Av Frank Pastrick Chevrolet in Benton Harbor MI doesn't participate in BuyPower, doesn't have a web page or even have E-mail because "Frank is old fashioned". Frank might be old fashioned but every single salesperson he has is very knowledgeable about all the features of the Av and the other vehicles they sell.

I was very impressed when I was looking for my Av'. My salesman knew everything about it including all the memory features, the DIC, midgate and the tsb items from the '02 that had been addressed in the '03.

They might not be on the leading edge of technology but they sure make up for it in product awareness, customer care, outstanding service and courtesy.