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Electrochromatic Mirror Prob?



I couldn't find an awnser when I did a search, so here it goes. I let my wife drive my truck yesterday but when I got in it today I noticed I couldn't see out the drivers mirror and rear view mirror. They seem to be permenatly self-dimmed. Has anyone else had a similiar problem or could this just be a fuse problem (I couldnt find the fuse yet). Im going to take it back to the dealer since its only 4wks old but dont want to look stupid if its just a fuse or something easy. Its an '03 if that helps.


John ???
I've not heard of this before, but I do have something you could check...

There are two light sensors on the inside rearview mirror that control the dimming action fo both the inside and driver's side outside mirrors. One sensor is below the mirror looking out the back window, and another is on the windshield side of the mirror looking out the front. The mirror dims when the sensor looking out the front sees dark, but the sensor looking out the back sees light (glare from headlights behind you.)

If that light sensor lookiing out the windshield is blocked or covered, the mirror would think that it's dark outside, and the daylight that it sees from the rear would be interpreted as glare, thus it will dim.

Look at the back side of the mirror for the light sensor. It is a small hole in a depression a little smaller than a pencil tip eraser. Make sure that it is not covered by a sticker or something hanging from the mirror. Also, make sure that the hole is not filled with dirt or some other obstruction.

My guess is that it's not a fuse... I think that the mirror will go clear if it doesn't have power.

Is the mirror clear or dark when the ignition is off? I think it should always go to clear when off.

-- SS
You hit the nail on the head ShapeShifter. I went out to look at my truck and there on the backside of the rear-view mirror is my wifes parking pass!! I did not know there was a sensor back there. This site is great. Now I wont feel like an idiot at the dealership. Thanks and thanks again. You guys are great. (y) ;D (y) ;D
medicboot said:
You hit the nail on the head ShapeShifter. ?I went out to look at my truck and there on the backside of the rear-view mirror is my wifes parking pass!!
I'm glad I could help, and I'm glad I could save you a trip to the dealer. When I read your problem, it just screamed out "parking sticker" to me. ;D

-- SS
I have a different problem with my drivers mirror but think it falls into the same catagory. About a month ago I started noticing my drivers mirror getting double vision and I cannot see anything clear in it. Now tonight I have noticed a thick odorless oil (almost like a grease) dripping out of the bottom of the mirror. I hate the thought of having to replace the whole mirror, maybe its time to think about the Chrome or stainless 2000 or 2001 GMC or Silverado mirrors. I just have to make sure they are autodimming and are heated. Anyone have similar problems?
We are having the same problem with our 2002 avalanche.  Just noticed a couple of weeks ago on the drivers side of double vision and on the top of the mirror it is getting smokey or sort of foggy looking.  found a mirror we could buy on line for 74.61 from partsbin.com but it does tell how to install.  So I called the dealership today and to just get a mirror only  not the rest to attach to the side is 360.91 and that does not include labor.  What a rip off. So trying to find out if anyone else has had this same problem and what can be done.
What did you end up doing?  I have double vision and want the same auto-dimming mirror to replace it..
Same problem on our 2002 avalanche. Double vision on drivers side mirror and foggy. What can cause this. Dealer said around 350.00 any ideas how to get it fixed for less.
ebay is your friend. i had the passenger side mirror broken and to replace at a dealership it was listed at $450+taxes. i picked up one on ebay for $180. fully featured for less than half the price!
Regular mirror glass just pop's off.

Heated mirror's has to be taken apart and the old glass removed and new glass installed and plugged in.  The plugs are pretty hard to go to sometimes and your better bet is to go to a glass shop and have them repair it for you.

It should be much cheaper then taking it to a dealership.