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Engine Hood Light?


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Aug 12, 2002
Northern California
Hello AVA members,
I picked up my 2003 2500 2WD AVA about 3 weeks ago.

I was showing it to a friend the other NIGHT, and suddenly realized there was no engine hood light; there is no light that turns on in the engine bay when the hood is opened. It is not like a bulb is out or missing, there simply is not a lighting assembly on the underside of the hood.

Is my Ava missing the hood light or is this "normal"?

In case it makes a difference, the only options are:
* front leather bucket seats w/ Bose, adj pedals, seat warmers, 6-disc stereo in-dash,

* personal security package,

* trailering package,

thanks in advance,
Sounds like a trip tot he dealer for a missing part - all AV's have a light under the hood.

Now having it work right is another issue
I heard on teh 2003's they deleted the light. It is not on any of the AV's. It was probably to save weight ;D

2003 do not have under hood light.....

Buy one for qa 2002 and install and hot wire or something...this could be a mod for 2003....adding under hood light....
Can you get a mag-lite with a mercury switch that turns automatically when you open the hood???? >:D

Sounds like a mod for the mag-lite mod. :0:
GM . . this is dumb! Why delete the hood light on the 2003's. Weight . . i doubt it . . more likely they're looking for cost cutting measures . . . how much can a light cost :8:
Even my 1986 Ford truck has a hood light....

You would think for what we paid for our AV's, that it would include a hood light! ?I hate to complain on this one but a hood light is helpful in the dark.

Millerman said:
I heard on teh 2003's they deleted the light. ?It is not on any of the AV's. ?It was probably to save weight ? ;D

Sounds like another reason to keep the 02. The ORIGINAL!!!
Same thing happened to me...first night I got my 03 I was showing it off and couldn't get the hood light to come on. I assumed it was broken since every truck these days has one. Looked the next day and it was not there. Seems rather cheap of GM to leave it off. Oh well, minor nit to pick.
I just ordered My Av (2003 dark Gray Z71) and I asked the salesman about the light not being there. His answer was they took the light out so they could put in the Bose stereo ??? :cautious: ??? Don't see the conection or reasoning, but thats the answer I got.
Wow, that seems really strange. Definately doesn't make sense about the weight. The light and all of its components couldn't add anymore than say, two - three pounds. I had a Toyota 4Runner, Limited Edition prior to the AV and it didn't have a light either. Doesn't make much sense to me why a manufacturer wouldn't put one in. Another question, anyone know of a light bulb that will make the light more powerful under the hood, on the far left side, i have trouble seeing down into the engine, any suggestions. I mean, I have the mag-lite mod, but hey... I need something to do this weekend :)
Good luck with the 03's guys.

Something that I noticed on my 2002 Z66 is that if you unclip the hood light you can move it around under the hood to see better. Although movement is somewhat limited, you can do it. Be nice if the light was brighter though, I'll have to look into a brighter bulb, or wiring another hood light into the existing wiring so that I have a bulb on each side.
This seems to be a common practice, and the hood light appears to be going away on a lot of vehicles. Doesn't mean that it's right and I will lodge a complaint with my contacts in Detroit. Save the hood light!!! :B:
My 03 does not have a light either. However, since I'm not plagued with looking under the hood when its dark, I really don't see it being all that necessary. Besides, I have a flashlight onboard should I need to check things out after the sun goes down.

As with everything GM does, it was cost related. :0:If the light cost $5 and it is elimnated across the product line,(several hundred thousand), the saving can be substantial. They figured that eliminating the underhood light would not cost them any sales...just save in production costs. Would you have walked away from your Avalanche because it didn't have an underhood light?
Cheap cheap...GM and their cost cuts. All vehicles should come with hood lights, what is the next thing to go? Lock for spare tire?....woops....do they still have a lockable spare on the 03's like they do on the 02's? :cautious: