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Engine Light Flashed And Went Off, What's Up?




I have an 03 2500 w/about 1500 miles on it. I was driving down the road last night and the engine light started flashing. I turned off the radio to take a listen and started checking my guages. All seemed normal then within 30 seconds the flashing light went off. I haven't seen it since. Has this happened to anyone else? What gives?
I don't think it's unusual for the light to come on if there's a problem, and then to go out if the problem goes away. ?The owners manual indicates that a flashing 'check engine light' is evidence of a misfire condition. ?How well was it running when the flashing light was on? ?

The engine controller also generally stores error codes when the light comes on, but alas with OBDII you need a scanner to pull the codes.

Check the obvious like loose plug wires or coil connectors, but obviously if it continues to do this, it's time for a visit to the dealer. ?Good luck.
Check your gas cap - is it on tight? A loose gas cap will kick off the CEL...