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Everyone's opinion on new wheels..


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Jan 23, 2007
Hey all!  I have a 2007 Avy and the local dealership has a set of 4 20" brushed aluminum wheels (and tires) that came from a 2007 Tahoe.   They are brand new and are on sale for $1450.   Is this a good price?

I'm not sure what they retail for.   They told me $3000.

I'm dying to get these 20's but don't know if it's a decent deal or a "great" deal.
I get to keep mine.   Don't have pics but it's the same polished aluminum that is on a 2007 Tahoe LTZ.

Someone purchased an 07 Tahoe with those wheels and didn't like them, so the dealership removed them.

I was thinking $1450 for 20's would be a good deal for aftermarket wheels, but never would think factory wheels/tires would sell for that.

I just don't know whether to take the plunge. ?I like the wheels but I'm not too big on the polished aluminum.
I think a member named Earthquake had a line on take of 20" rims, you might check with him to see what kind of price he can get before taking the plunge