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Excessive Factory Torque On Wheel Nuts??


New Member
Jan 4, 2003
Melbourne Fl
Did a rotation @ my local shop yesterday ( first time @ 5K) and on the drivers side the nuts were torqued significantly higher than on the passenger side..to the point that the threads on 2 bolts were slightly lifted. Needlessto say we replaced them...so heads up and check for that when you go in for service.PS my baby is the 02 Northface with some of the NESSECCARY mods..Magnaflow..K&N.. yellowDRLs..and Silverstars
yep mine too. Had one on the rear that I couldnt get off, had to go to dealership. There is a known problem with torques from the factory,not only on the av either. I hope a fix come soon.
Not sure what the problem here is - could be problem with factory machine doing the install - the factory torque spec is 140 ft/lbs and that is enough to make your arm hurt when doing all 4 wheels :cautious: