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Exploding Valve Stem Caps



Hi......Does anyone know if they manufacture such a product?

I went to the store today and when I returned I noticed two of my blue aluminum valve stem caps missing from the drivers side.

Little varmits :8:

Good thing I didnt catch them......... Oh well they are only 5 bux at Autozone. Guess I'll buy 2 packages next time.

That's why I decided to leave mine alone. I like the chrome caps but didn't like having to replace them all the time.
A-men there XRover.
Ken it would be cool if there were such a thing. I'm sure goo would be interested.
Kind of reminds me of an old Jerry Clower story about Marcel Ledbetter and the steal marbles.
Just imagine packing the caps with a small amount of explosive w/ a time delay fuse, a minute later the kids front pockets blow off. >:D