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EZ Slide Slid Away


SM 2003
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Nov 3, 2002
Visalia, CA
Well disaster struck on Monday. I just finished making a brand new ez-slider on sunday. It was oak with 2" wheels.
My wife took the truck with my daughter on a school field trip Monday. After the trip I called to see how they were doing. My wife says she just heard a loud thunk in the rear.She asked me if I though it was the new ez-slide. I told her that I though it must be. ( I had not finished it with carpet and rubber stops yet) Well fifty miles later the wife arrives home goes to the back of the truck sees the tailgate gone and nothing in the back of the truck. The slider slid away to some unknown place. I had someone go look at the area where the wife heard the thunk. They were unable to spot anything. (A 4x 5 blue slider should be easy to spot)
when I arrived home I took a look at the truck.There was no damage to the truck so the slider must have slid easily away. What struck me is that the tailgate has such a light release. Someone can actually pull up on the handle and release the gate without lowering it. One of the other mothers placed a car seat on the back of the truck for my wife to cart her child home. My guess is that in doing so they grabbed the rear handle and pulled it up unaware that they released the gate. I tested this theory and it is extreemly easy to just flick the handle and release the gate without lowering it.
This is a MAJOR issue in my book. I have not seen any discussions specifically on this point. Does anyone know how to make this heavier. The Autolock on the tailgate would not work if the truck was unlocked when this happened. The gate would just be locked but still in a released position upon autolock. What we need is a way to hook up the rear gate to the door ajar light. This would bother somepeople that drive with the gate down. However we could hook up and overide as well.

Sorry for the long post. I just want others to be aware of the likely cause for sudden tailgate drop.
Sorry to hear of the loss of the EZ Slider. ?I put 3" tall sides on mine and lock it in with the rear hold downs. ?It is pictured on the ez slider thread. ?Again sorry to hear of your experience.

I'm also aware the tail gate can come open pretty easily. ?I ALWAYS make sure it's shut very securely when I open/close it. ?When the wife gets in the back....well,....that's probably another story.......
There have been many posts about the tailgate coming open while driving and this is a least the second bedslide to come out the back! I have had my tailgate drop open while driving. We had just left Lowes where I had loaded some things into the rear of the Avalanche. I pulled out of the parkng lot and onto a busy hwy. and heard this loud noise. I pulled over and found that the tailgate had just droped open! I really slam it now. ?Lucky I didnt spill stuff all over the hwy! I am glad that all you lost was the bedslide.

rollie66 said:
........ What we need is a way to hook up the rear gate to the door ajar light. This would bother somepeople that drive with the gate down. However we could hook up and overide as well.
I am sorry about the EZ slider rollie66 :cry:
Some of us have installed a pin switch for the tailgate that would provide you with a indication on the dash. I have installed a pin switch with override on both of our Avys (mainly for the automatic cargo light function) and the 2002's warning light is much more obvious the the 2003's......but a warning indication none the less.
Check out this thread: 05/02 - Page 5 - Cargo Area Light Switch
Thanks for the info. This is just what I want. Will do the Mod this weekend.

Now if we ever see the automatic lock kit become available I will be very happy.

Sorry to hear about that.

Another way to make sure your tailgate is closed all the way is to get in the habit of locking it all the time. If it is not closed properly then the key won't come out of the lock. I always lock mine for this reason (among others).

I have had my gate drop like that a few times when I didn't lock it up. It made a loud "thud" I thought I had tire blow out or something.

Absolutely try to keep tailgate locked at all times. Worst fear is having cargo panels stolen. Can't understand why GM did not put an automatic lock on the thing at 11.5 MPH or whatever it is.
Sorry to hear about your tailgate and EZ Slider. I have been keeping my tailgate locked to keep the thieves in L.A. from having access to my bed panels. I guess locking it serves another purpose as well.
I had my tailgate drop just this morning. I scared the hell out of me. I thought I had been hit or ran over something. Fortunatley i was still in the parking lot.