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Family Affair


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May 17, 2002
Imagine my surprise this week after I drove my AV 1,200 mile for a family visit. I thought my family would be gathered around to see my new toy.

Well, I quickly learned why the interest level was so low.

Two days before my arrival my sister had just bought a Blue AV.

I will post pic's later of our trucks together.

That's exactly what happened to me! I bought my Victory Red Z-66 Av 3 weeks ago. That weekend I went to my sister's house to show it off. There in the driveway was a brand new blue Z-66! It turns out she beat me to the punch about a week before. Niether one of us had previously talked about it. I'm glad I didn't know. It might have influenced my decision on buying one.
OK - I am trying this again

My file was 166k and I have now made it 80K - I hope this one is not deleted
No pic again :6:
Welcome aboard! You'll have a lot of lite reading ahead catching up on all the cool stuff you may want to do to your truck.