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Favorite Color Poll Closed


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
The favorite color poll in the Avalanche Fun Stuff section has been closed out. The top three choices were Indigo Blue, Onyx Black, and Light Pewter. The bottom two were Sage Green (North Face color) and Sunset Orange.

Although the blue coming out on top was a surprise - the cellar dwellers weren't.

The new survey is on what one option would you add if you could...
Thanks everyone for the answers and the link to the thread "What color is your AV". Nice to see Red seems to be fairly popular too. Goes good with the gray cladding. Just hope it doesn't fade like I've seen Reds do before. Hopefully with the clearcoat and a massive load of Zaino it'll do Ok.
if this is refering to the thread that bfron posted. ?it wasn't about favorite color, but about which color do you own. ?and, according to that thread, medium sage green, and forest green came in with the least amount of owners. ?with light pewter and onyx black having the most owners.

Chief is refering to a totally different poll.
What about the Summit white? :8: A true injustice has been performed... ;D
dvd_rules said:
I don't care what the polls say, the Sunset Orange is a sight to behold in person.

I sure did like the Sunset Orange. It looked sharp and goes with the Okalhoma State Univ. colors that I am a big fan and graduate of, that just wasn't enough to convince the wife :(