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fender flares


Full Member
Mar 28, 2005
I have an 02 cladded av.  I can not find any fender flares to help cover up my tires.  Do they make such an item or should i just get new rims?
the only flares that I'm aware of are the ones for the 2500's but they're more of a filler rather than a flare.

If you're trying to cover some wide tires you may have to reduce size or esign/ make your own...

Good luck.... hopefully someone out there has better news.  I've not seen any.
That is what i though i just wanted to make sure.  Luckly i am building custom front and rear bumpers and I will have to come up with something.
I FABBED UP SOME CHEEP-Os for my front  to pass inspection.

also a member has fit Bush wacker's on his ride with some modding.
I think it was silverado up front & suburban in the rear
looked good he then had the AV GatorBacked