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Finally did not do it


SM 2007
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Oct 9, 2003
I bought a Sunburst Orange Z71 in Dec. 2002 when my son was a 10th grader in high school.? The ultimate fate of this vehicle was to go to college with him when he was allowed to have a car at West Point in New York. He is now a junior (cow) at the Academy and we were readying the car for him.? I have 33000 miles on this beautiful Avi and it still smells new.

This weekend we bought him a Z71 preowned Chevy 1500 pickup which has been well maintained.? He is happy and I still have my Avalanche after 5 years of dreading the transfer.

It was meant to be, I guess.? ?I really did not want to give up my knife and bowtie if you must know the truth.? Thank you for all of the help on this website.

you must be a proud father, congrats on your sons accomplishments so far
I don't blame you for keeping the av one bit  :p
Sounds like a win win situation to me. Congratulations for you and your son.
Avalanche vs childs education  hmmmmm that's an easy one....  OH wait a minute... I misread the post....
I thought you bought an AV instead of sending him to school    :kidding: :kidding:

Bad joke I know....

Sounds like you made a good choice... however.... he could borrow Mom's SBO AV for a bit while you're driving the new 07 in the driveway... As long as the "A's" pour in the mom can keep driving the minivan... as soon as things slack a little the minivan heads for campus and the AV comes home...

There's more than one way to persuade excellence you know.    >:D >:D