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Finally Gave In

Dr. B

New Member
Jun 4, 2006
I finally gave in and got me an LT3 Z71. Black with ebony interior. I traded in my 04 and really notice a difference. I am very happy so far. I will post pics when I get home as I am on the road right now.   (y)
congrats, a road trip sounds like a great way to break it in, looking forward to the pictures  :B:
way to go..  Look forward to seeing the pics...
Dr B:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the 2007 Chevy Avalanche from a fellow 2007 Chevy Avalanche owner and enthusiast!

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Larry Supermobile
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Congrats on the New AV  (y)
I should be running into him at any time than.

Hey wildfire, I spent 3 years up at Beale.
He must be still on that road trip!

I'm in the middle of trading my 04 BLK for an 08 BLK. and was interested in his take on the improvements.  My 02 to my 04 was a little better...
Posted on 8/08/07.  Must be a VERY long road trip!


what a tease.... he hasn't been on since 09/03 so I don't anticipate any pics soon...

however... hope things work out for Goucho and that you get your new ride!!~!