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Financing Question


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Nov 11, 2002
Last week I was debating between an AV or silverado. This past weekend I test drove a decked out AV. Now I want one. I am not ready to start making a deal though. I hit a deer with my current pickup and I am waiting to see what the insurance company will do for me. The AV I test drove had a $40k MSRP. The salesman kept saying that doesn't mean anything, similarily equipped AV's usually go around 35-36. I hinted around that I would need to finance it. He made it sound like I could get the 3.9% for 60 months along with the rebate. Does this sound correct? What is the going price for a 03 Z71, heated leather, driver convenience pckg, etc..? If I don't get the rebate, what is the going price. I feel a bit ignorant dealing with this, but I want to fully understand it before I head into the dealer. Is there anywhere else to look for financing?

Thanks in advance. The responses I got from my previous post were great.
Not sure if this helps or not. My '03 list price was $38,576.00 plus tax and I got it for $33,300.00 out the door. I went to my credit union and they said that they would match the GM financing (down to 3.9%). That way I could get the rebates and a good interest rate. I got the dealer down as low as I could, $1500.00 rebate, $500.00 dealer cash, and 3.9%. I felt I got the best deal that I could find. Some dealers are willing to deal and some are not. The dealer I got the best deal from is in a town with a lot of GM employees in it. They are used to selling most of their trucks with the GM discount.
Why the crazy markup on the Av.....I've seen them try to pocket a few extra bucks here and there..but that seems odd....which in a way may work in your favor...try to knock them down within 500 of the invoice... :B: