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Fingerprinted window visor install


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May 26, 2007
I installed some EGR tapeless window visors, the window channel kind.

After I was done I noticed finger prints all over the place and when I tried to clean them off they didnt come off. I used Windex but they are still there.
Since these are so close to the window you can see every fingerprint.
The only thing I know of on my fingers was sweat. It was about a hundred degrees out.
Seems that the sun cooked my prints on.
What can I do to take these prints off???
Didit said:
goo gone, goof off, wd 40 perhaps


I would not use goo gone or goof off, they will damage the plastic. I used goof off to remove the "AVS" symbols on my headlight covers and it causes swirl marks and lightened up the material.

Stick to something noncorrosive!
OUCH sorry, I used goof off for taking the tape off of a pair with no consequence, bummer

Tried the WD40 first cause thats what I used to remove the "inspected by" stickers that was stuck to it.
It covered up the prints then when I Windexed again the prints were still there.

The rubbing alcohol didnt work at first but I kept at it for a while scrubbing and all and it got rid of about 95 percent of the prints.

I think its odd, either the plastic was very porous and with the sun baking it on or I have toxic finger prints.
Anyway thanks for the help.
I had some odd spots on my windows from something and nothing would touch it..ie Windex, automotive cleaner. Then I tried a 1 to 4 mix of pure white vineger and water then used newsprint (not colored)to wipe it off. Spots were gone like magic. Now I keep a spray bottle of premixed solution in the saddlebags at all times. It works the best over tint (use regular paper towels to apply and remove) to keep the tint from discoloring. Hope this works for you. Good luck.
For the person who asked me... anglarry04 ?

They are made by EGR http://www.egrinc.com
Got them at a local truck joint called S&M TruckWorld

Do a web search for "EGR in channel" seems to find more dealers than the dealer locator on that website.

Could not figure out how to PM or email you, so here ya go.