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First Pictures


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SM 2003
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Feb 11, 2002
NE Ohio
Here are some pics of my AV, tried to get them taken before the rain started.





Dude.. You have the EXACT same truck as me!!

Mud flaps, weather things on the windows, and the bug shield.

Same color, roof rack and Z71..

Too freeky

You have more toys than I do though (Leather, sunroof). I am looking into getting the GM brush guard and chrome nerf bars

Beautiful!! That's the first real live forest green one I've seen. I think the cladding really compliments it.
endeavorc, you will have to drive it down here sometime so that I can see it... oh wait, that means you will have all the fun driving... better yet, I will drive up there and see you ;D
Something about forest green....it just reminds me of those olive drab days.....;D

Nice truck...
endeavorc said:

You have more toys than I do though (Leather, sunroof). I am looking into getting the GM brush guard and chrome nerf bars
Endeavorc you have the same color as i do my avalance is the Avalanche 1500 4x4, is equiped with the Z71 Off-Road Package. The Package includes 17-inch wheels, P265/70R-17 on-/off-road tires, specially tuned shock absorbers, high capacity air cleaner, skid shields, rear locking differential and rubber floor mats with the gold Chevy bowtie. Also added Gm brush guard also has leather buckets,sunroof,lund bug shield and i am thinking about what kinda assit steps to get? but we need to get togther with spork soon! 4.10 axle too

Oh Boy, just signed all the paper work on my Forest Green AV. Green is looking pretty good. Picking it up next week- NJ. ;D
Spork and AJ, we will definitely have to get together. Just have to plan a weekend of fun. To everyone, thanks for all the compliments. Mind you, I didn't have time to get it cleaned up. One thing for sure, you don't see many Forest Green AV's, although there is an identical one in my area. Time to track that one done and give it a brochure. Joe W., where are you located??

nice looking truck endeavorc...

thats just the color and effect ive always wanted since i first wanted a new vehicle; dark green/ black looking...excellent choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;D ;D ;D

Where in NJ? I might be the white one around the corner.... ;)

The Medium Sage Green is only available on the North Face edition, this is the Forest Green. I prefer the Forest Green, but onlymy opinion. Again, thanks for the compliments everyone. We all have very nice trucks that we can be proud of.
Beautiful Truck but I noticed that mine is dipped down in the front A LOT more than his. Does anyone notice variation in the amount of dip. Did he adjust his torsion bars?

Hey powersug,

Mine dips more than that in the front also. I am still planning on adjusting my torsion bar, I'm just waiting to do it when I have time to take it in for an alignment. ;)


I did not adjust my torsion bars, and yes mine dips in the front about an inch or two. So far every one I have seen is lower in the fron than the rear, but I think it is supposed to be that way, not sure though.
Your all right....I haven't seen an Av yet that doesn't look like it's about to spear someone....if you see one that isn't it's probably because somebody gave the ole' torsion bars a crank or two....
Is adjusting the torsion bars a wise idea? Does it require special tools? Never heard much about doing that until I began reading it here and on another thread.

Just curious - Jamie
The torsion tweak is a truck thing - no big deal if done in moderation - search for torsion and read the threads - it can be done with home tools - or a friendly alignment shop.
You know the funny thing is....most of the people that notice the Av "spearing" often look and me and say...."Wow that thing must be fast"....I think that most people think that this beast comes stock with blower and breather mods ready to take out the "lightning"....

BTW...I didn't have your address handy Gandolphxx.. ;)