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First Road Trip And Great Gas Mileage Report


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Mar 21, 2002
Tampa, FL
We took the AV on a 1500 mile road trip over the Memorial Day weekend. The ride was very nice and it was great to have a 50 cubic foot trunk. ;D
The last tank of gas was all highway and made it 540 miles before we stopped. The next day I filled it up and only took 26.3 gallons. That's 20.5 mpg! :D

The AV had 3 people, a dog and at least 400 lbs of luggage and toddler toys in the bed. I ran between 70-75 with the AC on the whole time.
That's a fantastic number twain!

I took my Av on just a few hundred mile round trip over last weekend as well. Of the 471 miles I went before the fillup, only about 300 of them were highway and I still came out at 17.1 MPG with a 4X4. I was quite pleased!

I suppose it's all relative. There's probably a Chevy Metro fan club somewhere *cringe* where they are talking like 50 mpg on a good day. :p