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First Scratches. Here, Kitty, Kitty



Found cat footprints on my hood this morning and when I looked closer I found scratches where the cat had slipped on my new wax job and tried to hold on with her claws. Oh well, at least the first damage was from a loving family member! She's a sweet cat, a calico, we've had her for about 5 years. She is so affectionate, always rubbing across my legs and purring so nicely. Gee whiz, I'm going to miss that cat!
Put cat in back. Close cover and tailgate. Do donuts in parking lot.

Cat no longer like AV!

cat fall out and dizzy....hit gas.....!$!#%
FSUGUY said:
Put cat in back. Close cover and tailgate. Do donuts in parking lot.

Cat no longer like AV!

cat fall out and dizzy....hit gas.....!$!#%

OMG, thats funny!

I had the same discovery a few weeks ago but mine is in the back. Paw prints ofthe bed covers and then I notices 3 very close scratches on the side of the bed when the cat must not have made it up all the way the first time :8: The worst part is that I don't have a cat!

Hahaha! Just last night I was putting on me final coat (for the night) of Zaino. Up jumps the cat right onto a fresh layer of Zaino on the hood. :8:

I'll have my cat say hello to your cat, rod. :p

Personally I prefer to bagpipe the cats when I get mad at them >:D You know when you pick them up by the tail and place them between your arm and body and play them like a bagpipe >:D >:D

I hate cats, and some how the wife got me talked into 2 of them for the kids :D:
Now kids...don't get any ideas. Kids who torture animals grow up to be serial killers. ;)

Here is my non-Avalanche cat story. In my very first apartment my neighbor had an outdoor cat that took great job in finding mud and then sunning itself on the hood of my car. As weeks turned into months the cat got more defiant and it was becoming a challenge to get it off my hood when I needed to leave for college or work.

One really cold winter morning the showdown finally happened. I honked the horn, did the wipers, blasted the wiper fluid, revved the motor, nothing worked. The cat just sat there staring at me through the windshield.

I started out of the parking lot at low speed, I figured the cat would jump off. Nope. I went up to about 5 MPH and hit the brakes hard. The cat wobbled but remained defiant. 10 MPH - no go. OK you stupid cat, it's go time.

So I start down the street and I'm going the speed limit now. The cat is not liking this as the wind rushes over it and I slow to a stop. The cat REMAINED defiant.

OK, I hate to do this to the kitty but man, I've got to get to work. So I bring it up to about 25 MPH and with both feet stand on the brakes. Yup, that does it.

Of course kitty exacts its revenge as it comes off the hood. Sinks in the claws and there are nice scratches from the top of the hood down to the front clip.

The cat then ran off to the left and I got to work. However the cat learned it's lesson - although there were still muddy footprints - the cat would get off when I walked up. >:D
spectron said:
As long as they love her--I'm willing to put up with an allergen producing, hair shedding, poop producing, hairball coughing, useless couch potato sleeping, meow mix eating, I-couldn't-care-less-about-you attitude exuding pet.
ROFLMAO.... that just about describes every cat we've ever had. I am allergic to them as well and it is a constant battle to keep him off my side of the bed. I do find that a water pistol helps when they refuse to move though. >:D
I find tracks on my vehicles (not the Av yet) too. Usually where they've slid down the windshield the walked across the hood.
I scratched the plastic on the Storage cover with my key Saturday. One downside to the darker cladding color - it really shows up! Haven't tried putting anything on it yet to see if it'll disappear. :(
Mother's cleaning wax will take out all but the most major scratches in automotive paint. It may take some time, but with real cloth diapers, and water, and round circular motions, you'll be surprised what will disappear.
Just wait until Fido jumps up against the car to look at you through the window.
I have 2 cats that have never been outside. I do have the doggie looking through the window problem, though. I can't believe gandolphxx hasn't posted a kitty AV comment in here yet!

Last year at Wall Drug I can back to my truck to find child footprints on the hood. WAAAAAYYYY more irritating than any little kitty cat.
LET THE WAR BEGAIN!!!!!!!! I had just washed my AV yesterday and got it looking like new. We have alot of stray cats around our house but I have never had one go on the hood of my AV tell last night. I went out this morning and started my AV to go to school. I see a bunch of muddy footprints on my windshield. then I see them on my hood and sunroof and then I see the scraches on the roof. I am sooooo MAD!!! I hate cats even worse now. I think next time I see a stray cat I will let the dog loose ;D
Here is an old Cajun trick (and no, it does not involve a pot and burner):

I used to have problems with cats that would sit on my car and scratch the heck out of the hood and roof. ?Yes, I am allergic to cats, and yes, my dogs hate them, but I just couldn't do anything illegal, right?

I took an empty Crown Royal bag and filled it with garlic pods that I had cut in half. ?The Crown ran about 12 bucks at the store (and I had a good time drinking it) and the garlic was about 2 bucks at the fruit and vegetable stand. ?I then hung the bag from the carport above my car. ?Presto! ?No more cats. ?They hate garlic more than an Dentist in Little Italy does. ?Did get a few questions from the neighbors, though. ? ???

If you don't want to hang it from the ceiling above your AV, then take an old pair of panty hose from the old lady, and fill it with the garlic. ?Then leave it on your windshield near your wipers. ?Simply take it off and leave it on the ground near where you park before you leave, and put it back when you return. ?Don't forget to change the garlic out every 4 or 5 months.

Cheap, easy, and effective. Also cleared up that nasty vampire problem we were having, but that's another story.....
The best cat out there is the one under my tire i always say >:D

Lance, make sure to beat those cats if you catch them >:D
I am neutral on the cat issue but I must say I find it to be in extremely poor taste to be discussing killing cats, especially hearing it from a moderator.

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