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SM 2003
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May 12, 2002
Lancaster, PA
I have always dreamed of having a Black Chevy Nomad with flames. I think some flame jobs make a car look really SWEET!!!

Well I am trying to sell my Dodge to be able to get my Sunset Orange Av from the dealer.

Any suggestions of colors and styles for flames on an Orange Av? I found a great flame job on a black PT Cruiser but I don't know how they will look on Orange.
I thought that going with vinyl flames would be better then actually have the truck custom painted.

I was into RC cars and did ghost flames on a few cars that looked cool. Depending on how the light hit them they changed colors. The only down side is you have to be right next to them to see them.


I'm not sure a flame job would look very good on an Av. There's just not enough contiguous sheet metal to work with, due to the cladding and other features. Flames are usually best when located behind the wheel wells, which would be difficult to do with the cladding.

That being said, I think blue or black flames would look best with the orange Av.
While I'm a big fan of "traditional flames" I think the shadow flames are cool, especially on your AVY. Midlifecrisis is right when it comes to traditional placement, but nothing about this truck is traditional, so I say go for it. The shadows would add some subtlety to a truck that's anything but! :cool:
Flames are a good idea....would be a nice touch....I always liked the car from the movie GREASE...those are some classic flames from way back... ;D :B:
You could always get the cladding painted body color and then put the flames on (in any sort of traditional arrangement you like...). I once saw an early 2nd gen Camaro with the coolest flames... it was a white car with flames outlined in blue then the interior of the flames were just the same white as the car from a distance, but they were done with a blueish purple pearl you could see up close or in the right light. It was incredible. I'm guessing, however, that this guy probably paid many thousands of $ for such a trick paint job. (or did it himself).

I have to say that I've begun to see a profusion of Avs on the road and I'd like to do something to set mine apart. Flames would certainly do that for you!
There was a couple of specials on TLC a few months back about Jesse James and West Coast Choppers. On one of them they had a very cool orange chopper, with GREEN flames on it (sort of "mountain dew" green).

Very Cool.