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Flat Tire


SM 2003
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Jun 11, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO

I was leaving the house this morning to go to the gym this morning and I noticed that my left rear tire was flat. I hurt my knee and right hand playing football last night so I figured it would be a problem. I got out the jack and instructions and got to work.

Couple of cool things you might not know:

1) Chevy provides you with gloves in your pouch that has the tire iron and extension bars in your tool box.

2) To lower spare tire you have to first unlock the portion to get to the access point with your key

3) 1500 series: there is a indention under the axle that your jack perfectly fits in

4) You need to losen all the lug nut cover before you can remove the plastic Chevrolet plate to get to your real lug nuts

5) System works really good, assuming you don't have a bum hand or knee--took me 45 min

Pains in the process:

1) Difficult to take the spare tire off of the cable if you have never done it before

2) The tires are freaking heavy

3) Spare tire does not match other four, not even same brand

I figured you would all want to know about this. Let me know if you have any questions.

Guess I ought to try out the Av's jack etc . . . in case I need to change a tire on the road. It does though sound like Chevy's got it thought out pretty well.

I found my one flat in the garage . . used my floor jack, pulled it, threw it in the back of my Blazer and took it to be fixed. . . yep, the tires/wheels are dang heavy!
i blew out a tire at the end of wild west... took flynhigh about 25, 30 min to replace it... and less then 15 min the 2nd time once you know how it works.

great work by chevy! (y)

i'm going to have to get a way bigger tire when i get my lift. :eek: :eek:

Thanks for the heads up on this. I will remember it because I, too, will get a flat sooner or later when off-roading.
Thanks for the info. We did get shafted on the dinky spare. :rolleyes:
I'm probably more likely to use the the free roadside assistance. Why get dirty & sweaty when you've already paid for someone else to do it?
lsuflyingtiger said:

2) The tires are freaking heavy

3) Spare tire does not match other four, not even same brand

Those are my worries too. First, I am a girl. If that tire is heavy for you boys then I am never getting that thing in my truck. Second, I put bigger tires on my truck so I hope things aren't to lop sided.

I guess that is why we have onstar :)
Glad you worked it out