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Fog Lamp/DRL Headlamp Unit Is Loose.


Full Member
Jun 7, 2002
Portland, OR
Hey guys, I managed to introduce my front left bumper cladding/fog lamp/drl area to a boulder yesterday ;) and now my fog lamp/drl unit is loose, it appears from crawling underneath that the mounting bracket is busted, :-X any ideas on how to pull that out, to look at, or cost to replace, have replaced. Thanks. :B:
Okay somebody out there reading this must know how, or has themselves pulled out the foglamp/drl unit to change the bulbs, or lenses, or did what I and run it into something? :B: :B:
;D Well talked to my dealership yesterday and they are going to fix/replace the mounting bracket behind the fog lamp/drl under warranty next Saturday (or the earliest day I can get by when they are open) which is pretty cool considering how I broke it. :B: :B:
I wonder if they'd do the same thing for me? My wife hit a bag of leaves last fall that fell of the back of a truck a half-mile up from us on the interstate. Everyone swerved to avoid it, but one guy caught the corner of it and that threw it at her front-right corner. Her Grand Am still has the fog light but it "rests" inside the area behind the bumper.

The mount must be pretty weak as I see quite a few Grand Ams missing a lower "eye".